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ICT industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a thriving tech and ICT hub. Home to innovative tech companies and a bustling startup scene, it is the ideal breeding ground for cross-border collaborations with top class digital, creative and marketing companies.

  • Europe's fastest broadband speeds
  • A talent pool of 250,000 experienced ICT professionals
  • 30% tax advantage for highly skilled migrants
  • Gateway to Europe and beyond: well-connected by land, water and air
  • Home to the world's largest data transport hub, AMS-IX
  • Ranked 4th globally in app invention and development

A hub for global and local tech

Global players such as Google, Netflix, Uber, Salesforce, Shutterstock, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, RedHat, Joyent, LinkedIn, Apple and Infosys have already set up shop to make the most of the city's perfect tech ecosystem. There are roughly 578 international ICT companies in the Netherlands, collectively employing around 35,000 people. Around 170 of these companies choose Amsterdam for their headquarters, too. And there is plenty of local tech talent: homegrown successes include, TomTom, Travelbird, The Next Web,, Elastic, WeTransfer and the FinTech unicorn Adyen.


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News about Amsterdam's ICT industry

  • Amsterdam startup scene embracing AI

    AI tops the lists of many governments and institutions as a solution to economic stagnation. A large study of 12 developed economies – including the Dutch economy – has shown that AI can double economic growth rates by 2035, by making people more efficient and productive. The Amsterdam startup community has recently embraced the AI trend, and is gearing up to take full advantage of it.

  • How Amsterdam is becoming the new Silicon Valley

    Thanks to its terrific tech talent, world-class startup ecosystem and acumen for innovation, Amsterdam is giving the crowned jewel of the Bay Area a run for its money.

  • Why the Amsterdam logistics sector is booming

    Amsterdam is a key player in the global economy, thanks in no small part to its world-class logistics sector. It is home to an increasing number of companies who provide or rely on excellent logistics.

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