Tech industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a thriving tech hub. Home to innovative companies and a bustling startup scene, it is the ideal breeding ground for cross-border collaborations with top class digital, creative and marketing companies.

A tech scene on the rise

Amsterdam has established itself as a serious player on the international tech scene. There are more than 1,650 tech companies here that employ 69,000 people in total, making up 13% of the local workforce. Tech companies can gain access to corporates across every sector. Over 450 multinationals have their global or European headquarters in Amsterdam, including Heineken, Philips, Stryker, Tesla, Nike, Netflix, ING and Tommy Hilfiger / PVH.

The world is taking notice of this success and Amsterdam has been named as a top tech destination by Savills, KPMG and the startup magazine CoFounder. Amsterdam’s excellent quality of life, well-educated workforce and language proficiency (more than 90% of Dutch people speak English) help tech firms thrive while attracting new businesses to the wider Amsterdam Area. And with the UK’s impending exit from the EU, Amsterdam has seen a surge of interest from US tech companies looking to serve the European market, giving the local scene a healthy boost.

A thriving startup ecosystem

Startups in Amsterdam are hiring new people, securing millions in funding and changing the future one innovation at a time. Pioneers like Adyen and started here, and other homegrown success stories include Bynder, Hotelchamp and Framer.

Next to enterprise software and travel/tourism, FinTech (which has seen a 35% growth in jobs since 2017) is making waves in the Amsterdam tech scene, having seen multi-billion-dollar IPOs from companies like Adyen and Elastic. The sector is also changing how people and businesses invest and bank thanks to companies like Ohpen, bunq and Bux. And Amsterdam’s budding entrepreneurs, programmers, designers and leaders are benefitting from a network of accelerators and incubators that can help them develop, leading jobs in fields like SaaS to climb 30% in the past two years.

Changing the way we live

Amsterdam’s tech industry is also deeply connected to the health and life sciences sector. Academic research is carried out at world-class higher-learning institutes, including the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. By partnering with corporates, startups and other institutions around the world on new projects, they’re revolutionising healthcare and using big data to empower medical professionals.

Prepared for the future

Amsterdam has a large talent pool of senior executives, along with sales, marketing and technical professionals. Companies like Uber,, Backbase and Amazon have sizeable tech development teams in Amsterdam. It’s also an attractive destination for skilled people from around the world and has a local business culture that’s easy to adapt to. As a whole, the Netherlands ranks fourth place when it comes to attracting non-EU tech workers to Europe.

The Dutch are known for their ability to work across countries and cultures and are ready to face new challenges head-on. In the tech industry, their pragmatism translates into a solid foundation for doing business, including expertise in legislation, channel structure, online behaviour and purchase-related decision making.

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