Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam's winter festival returns each year to illuminate the city's streets and waterways with bewitching light installations by international artists. Find out more about where, when and how to see this year's works!

Amsterdam Light Festival 2018 - 2019

This year's event runs from 29 November 2018 until 20 January 2019. Each year, hundreds of submissions are submitted by designers, architects and artists from around the world. A selection committee then chooses 30 artworks which made up the festival’s installations, which in past years have included prominent artists such as Ai Weiwei. The theme for this year's edition is 'the medium is the message'. Artists have taken inspiration from this statement by Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan. Read about the artworks featured in this year's festival. 

The sculptures can be spotted all over Amsterdam city centre for the duration of the festival, illuminating and transforming its familiar monuments in magical and surprising new ways. You can make your own way through the installations, or follow recommended routes for boats, bikes or walking, which allow you to see the festival in its best light.

Amsterdam Light Festival boat route: A view on Amsterdam 

The Amsterdam Light Festival route explores the festival in typical Amsterdam fashion - from the water. Amsterdam Light Festival has a host of great partners offering cruises, all of which are easy to recognise by their ‘official partner’ flag - including specialist canal cruise company Stromma.



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