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Best shared dining restaurants in Amsterdam

There's no better way to spend an evening than gathered around a table with your friends, digging into the trove of deliciousness in front of you. To make that happen we've picked out the best spots for shared dining in Amsterdam that are guaranteed to become your favorite hotspots. Simply said, the old adage of 'sharing is caring' has never been truer.

Middle Eastern


NENI restaurant signature dishes
Image from NENI

If you’re after an informal atmosphere filled with laid-back vibes straight from Tel Aviv, look no further than NENI. The sharing menu is filled with plant-based options, and the chef’s special Balagan menu experience–which stands for playful chaos–is full of mezze-style dishes that are perfect for a dinner or brunch alike.

NENI Amsterdam | Stadionplein 8, Zuid


This Lebanese restaurant makes it totally worth the trip out of Amsterdam and into Purmerend. The menu offers cold and warm mezze that are chock full of meat and veg options alike. Fenicie’s speciality is the charcoal grill: try the lamb chops and beef cuts skewers or the squid, filled with feta cheese and pine nuts.

Fenicie |  Willem Eggertstraat 143, Purmerend


Mitts restaurant signature dishes
Image from Mitts

A mezze tasting menu is waiting for you in Mitts. Delicious veggie options include roasted beets with feta cream and barbequed mini broccoli with tahini. Don’t forget the drinks: there’s a great selection of G&T’s and several rum-based cocktails that you’ll be unwilling to part with.

Mitts | Javastraat 49A, East


Bar Pif

Bar Pif wine bar interior
Image from Bar Pif

This cosy French-style wine bar has the shared dining theme on lock with dishes like octopus terrine and their delicious buttermilk fried chicken. If you’re after classics, order a platter of oysters and sit back as the staff advises you on the extensive wine list.

Bar Pif | Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 10A, Jordaan


Gertrude celebrates seasonal food with an ever-changing menu that always highlights fish and meat. The bistro ambience is cosy and familiar, and the presentation is on the finer side, with delicate portions of artichokes, seabass and oysters. 

Gertrude | Bosboom Toussaintstraat 28-H, Oud West


TOZI Amsterdam

Whether it’s pizza or appetisers, fish or pasta, it is meant to be shared at TOZI. The Venetian concept of ‘cicchetti’ is all about those side dishes that everyone can enjoy. Step under TOZI’s neon sign into a sleek and modern space. The food is all about the classics: Burrata, tartar, carpaccio and a whole host of pizzettas bring out the Italian mood. Lovers of fish will enjoy the grilled octopus and seabass. Don’t forget to quench your thirst with an Amalfi mule!

TOZI Amsterdam | Koninginneweg 34, Oud Zuid

Pasta e Basta

Share your pasta and enjoy some superb singing in one of Amsterdam’s best Italian restaurants. The Pasta e Basta experience starts with solo appetisers, but you can expect the main course to be shared. The menu changes seasonally, and the waiters sing. What more could we want? 

Pasta e basta | Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 8, Centrum


Five Brothers Fat

Five Brothers Fat café-restaurant exterior
Image from Five Brothers Fat

If words like serrano, padrón peppers, manchego, patatas bravas and calamari are music to your ears, then get yourself down to Five Brothers Fat, a bustling little tapas joint on De Clercqstraat. The idea behind the restaurant was to bring the festivities and flavours of Barcelona’s Champañarias (cava bars) to Amsterdam, with a modern small-plate menu that absorbs influences from Asia and Latin America. Prop up at the marble bar for cocktails, wine and dinner as you ogle the sizzling dishes tearing out of the beautiful open-plan kitchen.

Five Brothers Fat | Various locations

Pata Negra

Pata Negra is a bastion of authentic tapas and one of the veterans of Amsterdam’s culinary scene. The atmosphere will transport you to Spain where music is king and life doesn’t stop till the late hours of the night. The kitchen is open till 23:00, so there’s plenty of time to pop in with your friends and share the feast brought to your table.

Pata Negra | Utrechtsestraat 124, Centrum


Hakata Senpachi

Hakata Senpachi restaurant signature dishes
Image from Hakata Senpachi

If you’re craving Japanese that goes beyond sushi, Hakata is ready for you with easy to share appetisers. There’s spicy cod row, skewers with eel, shiitake mushrooms and meat, and beloved classics like takoyaki (deep-fried squid balls), sashimi and onigiri. Are you looking for something more substantial? Go for one of the four ramens or try the delicious udon noodles.

Hakata Senpachi | Wielingenstraat 16, Zuid


Mayur restaurant signature dishes
Image from Mayur

Look no further than Mayur if you’re up for a fancier experience of Indian food. North Indian cuisine is served in chic dimness: dishes straight out of the Tandoori oven, curries, Saag paneer and more. If you’re with four people or more, take advantage of the special shared dining menu that offers a taste of everything. 

Mayur | Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 203, Centrum

Sea Palace

The category is: Dim Sum. Step into this floating Chinese restaurant whose pagoda roof is instantly recognised by every Amsterdammer. The Sea Palace created an extended Dim Sum menu for afternoon eaters (between 12:00 and 16:00) filled with eight pages of goodness, from small dragon buns to sweet coconut dumplings with lotus paste. Even if you come later, don’t fret: you’re in for a real treat, and everything is meant to be shared.

Sea Palace | Oosterdokskade 8, Centrum

Mama Makan

There’s nothing so shareable as the Indonesian Rijsttafel: a table-full of Indonesian sweet and spicy side dishes all accompanied by rice. Mama Makan brings the feast into a deliciously lush setting of plant-covered walls and airy open spaces. The menu is available in a vegan option as well. Keep an eye out for Lumpia Tahu–tofu and chilli sauce spring rolls–and Pepes Ikan, steamed seabass in banana leaf. You can also choose the botanical beer or wine pairing for the complete experience.

Mama Makan | Spinozastraat 61, Oost

A bit of everything

Bam Boa

Bam Boa restaurant terrace next to the Amstel river
Image from Bam Boa

Bam Boa is the go-to spot for a casual hangout filled with boho beach vibes. The sharing menu is filled with people-pleasers such as fish tacos, Korean chicken thigh bites and homemade truffle fries. The drinks menu won’t leave you wanting either: between a great wine selection and their Bloody Mary’s and Moscow Mules, there’s something for everyone.

Bam Boa | Weesperzijde 135, Oost

Oresti's taverna

It’s that odd serendipitous meeting of Greek, Spanish and Italian food that awaits you at Oresti’s taverna. And sharing is the name of the game. Jump around from grilled halloumi with dates to bruschettas and deep-fried eggplant. Satisfaction is guaranteed for every member of your party!

Oresti's taverna | Overtoom 5-h, Centrum