Outside Neighbourhoods

During Open Monument Day Amsterdam this year we celebrate that exactly 100 years ago the city became 4 times as large and the population increased in 1 time by 36,000 new Amsterdammers. The reason for this urban expansion was the strong economic growth in the nineteenth century.

As a result, the population of Amsterdam also grew, which caused a great lack of housing. As a solution to this problem, 5 neighboring municipalities were annexed by Amsterdam in 1921: Buiksloot, Nieuwendam, Ransdorp, Sloten, Watergraafsmeer and a large part of Nieuwer-Amstel.

Small editions and the large edition

To make this year extra special, there are 4 small editions, the Open Monument Day Neighborhood Routes (in Dutch language), prior to the monument weekend. The Neighborhood Routes take place in one of the neighboring municipalities. Unfortunately, the monuments are not yet accessible at the moment , but the cycling and walking routes are a fun and beautiful way to get to know the neighboring municipalities.