Het andere verhaal (The other story)

After independence, a new self-consciousness arose among Moroccan artists who began looking abroad for inspiraton from Bauhaus to Pop Art. Writer and guest curator Abdelkader Benali has put together an incredible exhibition featuring the work of 40 Moroccan artists working from 1956 to the present day and exploring themes such as spirituality, migration and decolonisation.

Modern and contemporary art // until September 18 // Cobra Museum, Amstelveen

Van Gogh and the Olive Groves

The olive tree is an iconic feature of the landscape in the south of France, much like the willow in the Netherlands. Van Gogh liked to paint what he saw around him and his oeuvre contains 15 variations on this one subject, with swirling and rhythmic brushstrokes, strong contours, stylized shapes and thoughtful colour combinations.

Old Masters // until 12 June // Van Gogh Museum

World Press Photo 2022

It’s back! More than 150 award-winning images and videos will once again be shown during the major annual international press photo competition at its flagship location. The exhibition has been completely revamped this year, including new categories, but as always you can be assured to see the most talked-about and impressive photos.

Photography // until August 14 // De Nieuwe Kerk


The Rijksmuseum’s latest blockbuster exhibition offers an international perspective on Indonesia’s struggle for independence from the Dutch Colonial Empire during the 1945-1949 period. The focus is on those who experienced the revolution first hand including fighters, artists, diplomats, journalists and others. The exhibition brings together their individual experiences to reflect a history with many faces and many voices.

History // until 5 June // Rijksmuseum

Ana Núñez Rodríguez: Cooking Potato Stories

What can a potato tell us about ourselves? An important part of food cultures around the world, photographer Ana Núñez Rodríguez uses this spud-focused series to delve into topics of symbolism, domination and social difference as well as her own childhood memories from Spain and Colombia.

Photography // until July 10 // Foam


Rembrandt's etchings provide a starting point for the work of 13 contemporary artists, including Melanie Bonajo, Marlene Dumas, Alix Marie, Rineke Dijkstra, Paul Kooiker, Aline Thomassen (photo) and Natasja Kensmil. This exhibition explores a realistic view of the human body, its natural functions and the ways in which we present ourselves to the outside world. The works of art are sometimes vulnerable, sometimes powerful, sometimes confrontational, but always raw.

Contemporary art // until May 22 // Rembrandt House Museum

Turning to Dust and Bones

Anders Dickson looks for the peculiar in the space between things, painting hallucinatory worlds that expand into sculptures and immersive installations. He involves intriguing themes such as Americana, conspiracies, ufology, and spirituality, which challenge the viewers to let go of their conditioned views in the face of the sublime.

Contemporary art // until May 29 // P/////AKT

Floris Hovers: The art of play

The first museum solo exhibition by designer and artist Floris Hovers (1976) is a fascinating display of furniture, lighting, toys, objects and miniatures. Hovers’ disarmingly simple designs surprise audiences with their balance between functionality and aesthetics. Basic structures and industrial forms are keywords for his work.

Design // until June 26 // Museum Jan, Amstelveen

Lida Sherafatmand: Wonderland

Lida Sherafatmand's colourful flower paintings hide the ideas of florescencism, a concept invented by the Maltese-Iranian artist herself. The word for flower is easy to recognise, but her work also delves into concepts such as the flowering of an individual or an entire civilisation.

Contemporary art // until May 22 // Flower Art Museum, Aalsmeer

Check out more art and culture in the Amsterdam Flowers region.

Guido van der Werve: Palpable Futility

In this first retrospective exhibition by Guido van der Werve, a wide selection of his films and new work is shown. In Van der Werve's universe, romance, nature and the sublime are never far away. His films explore futility of existence and at the same time show its endless beauty.

Film // until 29 May // Eye Filmmuseum

Bill Brandt: The Beautiful and the Sinister

Cuckmere River 1963, Bill Brandt courtesy Bill Brandt Archive LtdFrom his earliest photographs taken when he was still an amateur in the 1930s, to his later portraits and nudes, one of Britain’s most critically acclaimed photographers, Bill Brandt, shows a permanent fascination with the strange. Foam’s latest exhibition, The Beautiful and the Sinister demonstrates the close relationship between the art of the European avant-garde, in particular Surrealism, and Brandt’s own work.

Photography // until 18 May // Foam

Hito Steyerl: I Will Survive

Artist, cultural critic, filmmaker, writer and professor, Hito Steyerl is one of the most significant and influential figures working in contemporary art today. Harnessing the power of documentary imagery, architectural video installations and sound to shape her narratives, her provocative works investigate power in a globalist, capitalist society.

Join Stedelijk for 15-minute introductory lectures to the Hito Steyerl exhibition, taking place every Sunday.

Contemporary art // until 12 June // Stedelijk Museum

Vincent Mentzel: The Power of the Image

Vincent Mentzel Toeschouwers Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

This exhibition traces the development of Vincent Mentzel (1945), a Dutch photojournalist who pushed the boundaries of news imagery in the 1970s. Starting out as a paliamentary photographer in Den Haag for NRC Handelsbad, his prolific career led him around the globe, capturing striking portraits of the world's politicians and dictators with a powerful and self-contained artistry.

Photography // until 6 June // Rijksmuseum Photo Gallery

Catching Up in the Archive

In collaboration with artist and researcher Mariana Lanari, this new exhibition showcases the evolving nature of the de Appel Archive and its more than 16,000 objects. The site-specific arrangement of extensive archival material invites viewers to browse, read, and annotate items of their own choosing as they are encouraged to (re)discover the archive with fresh eyes.

Contemporary art // until May 29 // de Appel


Nowadays we use devices to assist us all around our homes and offices. Cameras register movements and algorithms determine information flows, collecting information about us continuously. This new exhibition examines the increasing influence of technology on our everyday lives taking a deeper look at the changing relationship between computers and humans.

Architecture // until June 26 // Arcam

Fré Cohen

Fré Cohen was a pioneering woman in the pre-war era of graphic design that was, back then, a man's world. In her short life (1903 to 1943) Fré drew and designed an awful lot, producing graphic prints for the municipality, the socialist movement and trade unions along with bindings, drawings, watercolors and linocuts. She worked using the beautiful design aesthetics of the Amsterdam School movement, so there is no better place than Museum Het Schip for a retrospective of this fascinating Jewish designer with feminist views and social ideals.

Design // until 4 September // Museum Het Schip

Panorama Amsterdam

Get up close and personal with Amsterdam at this new exhibition which aims to give a broader perspective of the city, by connecting stories from the past, present and future, from the oldest city map to the latest street art.

History // Amsterdam Museum, Amstel 51