How to visit Cobra Museum with your City Card

In order to visit this venue with your City Card, you are required to book a timeslot in advance. Book a timeslot by following this link, select your timeslot and choose the 'I A'dam' ticket during your checkout. Please note: it is required to pay a €5 fee for this exhibition. Please make sure your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.

Cobra movement

Worldwide the interest in the Cobra movement continues to grow. Founded in 1948, Cobra was a collective of international artists who embraced different cultures. The artists had a global focus and believed in a universal language of symbols that could be 'read' by everyone, regardless of their geographical or cultural background.

Their goal was to create art based on imagination and experimentation which made a radical break with the past and transcended national boundaries. Despite being disbanded in 1951, Cobra became an influential European art movement during its few short years of existence.

Cobra Museum

Designed by Dutch architect Wim Quist, the Cobra Museum brings together natural light and impressive use of space to create an ideal environment for viewing the art. The museum is easy to reach from the centre of Amsterdam by car or public transport (tram 5 or metro 51).