The balcony movie

Both very IDFA and highly topical for anyone who has spent time wistfully looking out of the window over the last year or so, this work is by the seasoned documentary maker Pawel Lozinski. From his balcony, he interviews all kinds of passers-by, from his grumpy neighbour to a wandering ex-prisoner. Whilst some interactions are spontaneous, others are less accidental. The end result is a funny and heartfelt cross-section of humanity.


Biographical films are always a popular subgenre at IDFA, but it must be said that Cow is one of the more unusual ones. In her documentary debut, director Andrea Arnold (American Honey, Fish Tank) follows the life of dairy cow Luma and one of her newborn calves, from their daily routine to their – inevitable – end… We’ll see you in line for a vegan burger after the screening.


Twenty years ago, Amin (a pseudonym) fled Afghanistan as an unaccompanied minor. Today, as a successful academic who is getting married to his long-term boyfriend, he’s never told anybody about what he went through at the time. This intimate and moving animated documentary by Jonas Poher Rasmussen explores a man’s need to confront his past as he shares his story for the first time. Winner of the Jury Prize at Sundance.

I'm so sorry

Dystopian travel guide and director Liang Zhao visits the nuclear no man's lands of Kazakhstan, Fukushima and Pripyat (Chernobyl) to meet the handful of people who still live there, seemingly forgotten by the rest of the world. A meditative pamphlet against nuclear energy.

Listening to Kenny G

Musical mastermind or soulless money machine? Opinions on saxophonist Kenny G, the world's best-selling instrumentalist, are divided to say the least. But what is it about him exactly, director Penny Lane (Hail Satan?) wonders, that causes such fierce reactions? This is a great music documentary with a sublime leading role for Kenny G himself.


25 years after his last film, 82-year-old filmmaker Artavazd Pelechian - to whom IDFA is dedicating a special programme this edition - presents Nature. This compilation of collected black and white video fragments explores the majestic but destructive power of nature.

Two minutes before midnight

''What if women were in charge?'' That is the starting point for this theatrical thought experiment, directed by Yael Bartana. Five actresses and forty international experts gather in the former War Room of Dr. Strangelove – now renamed Peace Room – to prevent World War III. But the new US president, an "incompetent, narcissistic, cross-grazing megalomaniac" named Arnold Twittler, isn't making it easy for them.

Amsterdam Global Village and unConscious Bias

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Amsterdam Global Village, a monumental documentary by Dutch filmmaker Johan van der Keuken, IDFA is presenting a special programme this year called unConscious Bias. The programme focuses on the capitals of former European colonial powers and how their inhabitants are a reflection of the past. Ten films explore current debates about how colonialism has left its mark today.

For more information and to view the entire programme, check out the IDFA website.