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Proeflokaal van Wees café-restaurant signature dishes
Image from Proeflokaal van Wees

Best cheese fondue in Amsterdam

While we love an après-ski party, Amsterdam is not really known for metres of snow, our cross-country skiing skills or Alpine-style cottages. But what we do excel at: cheese. And above all, consuming cheese. Grab a long-pronged fork and prepare for dipping at these cheese-fondue restaurants in Amsterdam.

Restaurant Smelt

Waiter serving wine at Smelt cheese fondue restaurant
Image from Ingrid Hofstra

At Restaurant Smelt, they use fondue cheese from De Kaaskamer, served with sourdough bread from Fort Negen and blanched seasonal vegetables. Smelt also has fondues for vegan and gluten-free guest. There is also a fondue option with a lower alcohol content (for pregnant women, for example). Don't want any cheese at all? Then go for the confit de canard with sauerkraut. 

Proeflokaal A. van Wees

Proeflokaal van Wees café-restaurant signature dishes
Image from Proeflokaal van Wees

Crazy about cheese and genever? Then Proeflokaal A. van Wees is the place to be. Taste the best genevers and liqueurs in a tasting, and fish for the last soggy piece of bread in a Dutch cheese fondue from Kaashuis Tromp.

Fondue & Fondue

You guessed it: you can fondue endlessly over at Fondue & Fondue. Are you out and about with someone who's not so crazy about cheese? No worries. Besides Dutch and truffle cheese fondue with French bread, vegetables and salad, they also serve fish and meat fondue here. And for dessert? Chocolate fondue, of course!

Het Karbeel

Family restaurant Het Karbeel has been a household name in Amsterdam since 1977. Order a cheese fondue according to an original Swiss recipe, or for something completely different, like the Limburg cheese fondue with Hertog Jan beer and thyme. End the evening with a warm apple strudel with apple, sultanas and a scoop of cinnamon ice cream.

Café Bern

At Café Bern, every day is National Cheese Fondue Day. After more than 40 years, the cheese fondue recipe at the Swiss eatery is still unchanged, because why should they? What does change every year is the wine list. Every year, the owners head out to select the best wines from Swiss vintner Olivier Mounir of Caves du Rhodan.

Bistrot des Alpes

Image from Bistrot des Alpes

Imagine yourself in the French Alps at Bistrot de Alpes on Utrechtsedwarsstraat. Since 2015, Thibault and Dieuwertje have been serving fondue here with products from Savoie, Thibault's native region. Besides cheese fondue, you can enjoy raclette, tartiflette and fine wines from the region here. Bon appétit!

Kaasbar Amsterdam

Cheese restaurant
Image from Jamie Snoeck

For a whole load of cheese, Kaasbar Amsterdam is the place to be. Besides three different types of cheese fondue, they serve 24 different types of cheese from small-scale Dutch farmers here. While you enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, the cheeses pass by on the conveyor belt. So don't let the cheese get away from you, because before you know it, the neighbours will grab the platter.


Another cheese hotspot in the Pijp area: STROOM. Gather around a fondue pan and choose from four different types of cheese fondue from De Kaaskamer, or go for the cashew-based Vegan Fondue. And for dipping? Freshly baked baguettes, roseval potatoes and a variety of seasonal vegetables.