Visit the Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage is the ideal meeting place in the heart of Amsterdam. Conferences, events, exhibitions, flexible workplaces but also catering and several businesses are located here. For example, the Tony's Chocolonely super store is located inside our building, but also the New York Film Academy Café, Bistro Berlage, Sherlocked, Holland Rent a Bike and Meet Berlage. With an ever changing exposition in the expo area, the Beurs van Berlage is a true hotspot since 1903.

Conferences and Events
Beurs van Berlage hosts many conferences, exhibitions and events to visit or participate in. The calendar on our website will keep you informed of upcoming activities.

Beurs van Berlage has two large permanent exhibition spaces where there is always something interesting to discover. Through our calender we keep you up to date on the latest exhibitions.

Bistro Berlage
Every day you can visit Bistro Berlage for a delicious lunch or dinner. Bistro Berlage is located on the Beursplein. On this square there is also a comfortable terrace during the summer.

New York Film Academy Café
In the former Schipperscafé at Beurs van Berlage you will find the New York Film Academy Cafe. This Cafe, in the centre of Amsterdam, brings you back to the roaring twenties in a vibrant New York City.

The famous nerve-racking game Sherlocked, a breakout game, is located in Beurs van Berlage. In this game you must find the way out with the help of your collective intelligence and creativity. This breakout game is rated as one of the best in the Netherlands.

Tony's Chocolonely Super Store
In the Tony's Chocolonely super store the Tony's Superstars tell you everything about the abuses in the cocoa industry and how they endeavor to make all chocolate in the world 100% slave-free. You can also taste and buy all your favorite bars in the Super Store from the mega-monster superchocomat. 

Meet Berlage
On the north side of the Beurs van Berlage you will find a working and meeting environment to make new connections, share knowledge work together. This meeting centre called Meet Berlage also rents out meeting rooms for groups and small gatherings.

Bike rental and luggage storage
For 25 years, bikes are being sold, rented out, stored and repaired from within the Beurs van Berlage. Besides the bike rental you can also store your luggage.