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Cocktail at Pulitzer's Bar
Image from Ashkan Mortezapour Photography

Low & no: alcohol-free in Amsterdam

More often than not, our social plans are centred around alcohol: grabbing a beer with friends, enjoying a glass of rosé (or two) on a sunny afternoon, or tucking into cocktails on a Friday night. But Amsterdam has plenty of bars and alcohol-free liquor stores that prove that socialising needn’t be synonymous with alcohol consumption. This guide to the city’s many non-alcoholic options proves that being social and sober can go hand-in-hand. Cheers to that!

Cafe Americain

With a prime position on the Leidseplein, this bar in the iconic Hotel Americain is hard to miss. Lesser known, however, is the 0.0 cocktails on their menu, which includes a rendition of a gin tonic, an amaretto sour, and a lycee martini, to name just a few. Seek out this striking art-nouveau bar for some delectable virgin cocktails.

Café Americain | Leidseplein 28, Centrum

Pulitzer's Bar

Pulitzer bar interior
Image from Pulitzer

With a chapter of the menu dedicated to low and non-alcoholic drinks, Pulitzer's Bar guarantees a great sober night out. This cocktail bar in the ritzy Pulitzer Hotel offers drinks like the Bellino, skipping the alcohol but keeping the satisfyingly sweet kick of a Bellini, as well as the fragrant Bergamot Lemonade, or the low-alcohol Cucumber Light, for an elegant take on a gin and cucumber tonic.

Pulitzer's Bar | Keizersgracht 234, Centrum

The Biertuin

De Biertuin people sitting on the terrace
Image from Janneke Nooij

It may not sound like the most likely place for an alcohol-free evening, but the Biertuin, which has establishments in Centrum, Oost, and West, has an extensive low- and alcohol-free menu. With four 0.0 beers on offer and seven that are low in alcohol, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a sober evening with friends.

The Biertuin | Multiple Locations

Bar Bukowski

Bar Bukowski café-restaurant people on the terrace
Image from Bar Bukowski

With its choice of virgin drinks and 0.0% Aperol Spritz, Bar Bukowski calls when the sun is shining. But rain, hail or shine, it’s always a good time to sample the menu, which also includes a selection of alcohol-free beers to meet every palate.

Bar Bukowski | Oosterpark 10, Oost

Bar Baut

Bar BAUT Moms & Mimosa's Mothersday Moederdag
Image from Bar BAUT

While there are plenty of cocktails on their menu, Bar Baut in Oost still offers a dedicated section of virgin cocktails. Try the aptly named Nee-groni (Dutch for no-groni) or the Nojito, to enjoy these classic favourites without suffering the hangover later.

Bar Baut | Wibautstraat 125, Oost

Cafe de Willem

De Willem café bar
Image from Sascha Esmail

This gorgeous spot under the Haarlemmerpoort overlooking Westerpark is the perfect place to enjoy a 0.0 Gin Tanqueray or a virgin smoked Margarita. Relax on their sunny terrace and soak up the views while treating yourself to an array of alcohol-free cocktails.

Cafe de Willem | Haarlemmerplein 58, Westerpark

World of Nix

World of Nix, with branches in De Jordaan, De Pijp, and Haarlem, is a rising star in the alcohol-free liquor store landscape. Their vision? Streamlining access to non-alcoholic beverages from producer to consumer. From alcohol-free wines and beers to spirits of all kinds, their selection has something for everyone. Try their bestselling and suitably-named ‘Abstinence’ line, with favourites such as Cape Citrus ‘gin’, perfect for a G&T. If beer is more your style, World of Nix has plenty of options from local brands such as the beloved Amsterdam-born Lowlander, or Oedipus Brewing’s 0,5% ‘Dorinku’.

World of Nix | multiple locations


Unleash your inner bartender and head over to Drankerij liquor store in De Pijp and Oost. With a plethora of non-alcoholic options on offer, including beer, ciders, wine and pre-mixed cocktails such as the Daiquir-ish and the Italian Spritz, the days when going alcohol-free meant sipping on a club soda are long gone. Drankerij caters to the increasing demand for great quality alcohol-free options, and that demand is only getting stronger.

Drankerij | multiple locations