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Art after dark: late-opening museums in Amsterdam

After nightfall, a selection of Amsterdam's museums lights up the evening with extended hours and exclusive cultural events. Immerse yourself in the city's art scene after dark at these late-opening museums.

NEXT: Rijksmuseum's young adult membership

Are you under 40? If so, experience the Rijksmuseum differently with the NEXT membership. For €50,- per year (just a bit more than the price of 2 admission tickets), you receive not only free and unlimited access to the museum but also the option to visit during evening hours regularly. Enjoy Museum Night, openings of new and existing exhibitions, and NEXT Night: a festive evening with a rotating cultural programme.

NDSM Get Lost: a monthly cultural event in Noord

Mark your calendar for the last Thursday of each month. NDSM Get Lost is a free event where cultural organisations at the NDSM shipyard open their doors in the evening until 21:00. With 15 organisations participating, including Nieuw Dakota, On the Inside Project Space and STRAAT Museum, the lineup changes monthly, but you're guaranteed a captivating experience every time.

Discover late-opening photo exhibitions

For nearly 25 years, photography enthusiasts have found solace in their passion at Foam and Huis Marseille. These venues consistently refresh their exhibitions, offering a constant stream of new, inspiring content, often changing every few months. What's more, evening visits are an option too! Huis Marseille, which typically closes at 18:00, extends its hours to 21:00 on Thursdays. Similarly, Foam welcomes visitors until 21:00 on both Thursdays and Fridays.

Quiet hours at the Stedelijk Museum

With loads of people, lots of noise, and a fair bit of standing, a museum visit can feel overwhelming. This is why the Stedelijk Museum introduced 'sensory-friendly opening hours', explicitly designed for neurodivergent adults or those facing challenges such as brain injuries, burn-out, or other illnesses. Now and then, the museum opens up between 18:30 and 21:00, when there are fewer people around, and the sound systems are switched off. There is also a quiet area where visitors can relax a bit. Visitors can also explore the museum with trained guides in small groups of fewer than four people.

Innovative art installations at Nxt Museum

Image from Esteban Schunemann

If you're searching for innovative media art, the Nxt Museum is the place to be. This unique venue is a pioneer in the Netherlands, dedicated to showcasing art that harnesses the power of new technologies. Explore large-scale digital installations that expand your horizons and captivate your senses. Moreover, the museum offers extended evening hours, staying open until 22:30 on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Vincent on Friday: the Van Gogh Museum evening programme

At Vincent op Vrijdag (Vincent on Friday), the evening program at the Van Gogh Museum, expect live performances, discussions, guided tours, live music, DJ sets, a cocktail bar, and immersive audiovisual projections. This vibrant event held 8 to 10 times a year, consistently highlights young, local talent, creators, and innovative initiatives. It's a monthly happening, always on the last Friday evening of the month.

Unveil shared connections in the Groote Museum

Embark on an expedition to uncover the shared connections between humans, animals, plants, and microbes right in the middle of the Plantage neighbourhood. The ARTIS-Groote Museum, situated in the city's oldest museum building, delves into life's profound questions. For those who prefer late-night adventures, here's a tip: the museum stays open until 22:00 on Thursdays.

Melkweg Expo: showcasing contemporary visual culture

In addition to concerts, parties, and theatre performances, Melkweg offers a dose of visual art at the Melkweg Expo. Their dedicated exhibition space provides a platform for emerging artists and is accessible to everyone free of charge until 19:00. If you have a ticket for a Melkweg event, the exhibition remains open until the end of the last performance or party.

Modern, contemporary and street art at the Moco Museum

Now, let's talk about the Moco Museum. Its mission is to showcase iconic pieces by renowned modern artists and rising talents. Established in the historic Villa Alsberg at Museum Square in 2016, it has been a canvas for artists like Banksy, Keith Haring, Yayoi Kusama, and Andy Warhol. They are open for visits until 20:00 from Monday to Thursday and until 21:00 from Friday to Sunday.