Restaurant de Kas

From garden to plate 

Essentially a giant greenhouse where you eat the produce grown there, de Kas is one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants and offers diners an unforgettable culinary experience based on fresh, seasonal produce. And we mean really fresh – menus are created daily depending on what’s been picked from the garden that same day. The glass building dates back to the 1920s when it was used as the city’s municipal greenhouse, and retains its old-fashioned charm despite its conversion into a super-stylish restaurant. Restaurant de Kas, Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam organic restaurant De Kas Frankendael, Ronald Hoeben

REM Eiland

Pirate radio turned restaurant

At this towering sea rig in the harbour of Amsterdam you can dine 22 metres above the water in a former pirate radio station. Named, not after the American rock band, but the REM law which effectively shut down the station in 1964, the platform is now one of Amsterdam’s most unique restaurants. Cosy in the winter and glorious in the summer when guests can dine on the roof terrace, the restaurant is open for lunch and three-course evening meals. REM Eiland, Amsterdam West

Vuurtoreneiland's Summer Restaurant

Pop-up dining on a secret island

For a limited time during the summer, adventurous diners can take a boat to a nearby deserted island and enjoy a four-course meal in a specially constructed greenhouse. The pop-up restaurant experience on Vuurtoreneiland is a popular culinary draw, so be sure to book in advance. Vuurtoreneiland's Zommerrestaurant, Amsterdam Oost

 Vuurtoreneiland’s Zomerrestaurant Amsterdam

Mama Kelly

Brighten up your Instagram feed

If we eat with our eyes, Mama Kelly’s sweetshop-hued interior is a feast fit for a king. The pink-on-pink-on-pink with gold accents provides the flamboyant setting for a restaurant with a surprisingly simple menu, primarily based around chicken or lobster prepared with a selection of flavour combinations. There’s a good choice of vegetarian dishes too, and of course, some tempting dessert options. Mama Kelly, Amsterdam Zuid

Mama Kelly Amsterdam


Dining in the dark

They say that eliminating one sense heightens the others, so by turning off the lights Ctaste hopes to increase diners’ appreciation of taste and smell. Visually impaired staff will lead you to your table in the pitch black where, once seated, you can work your way through several courses of surprise dishes, all in total darkness. No need to worry about food stuck in your teeth then – until you step outside of course. Ctaste, Amsterdam Zuid


The Butcher

Meaty secrets 

Vegetarians, cover your ears right now. Meat eaters, you’re safe to continue. Head along the Albert Cuypstraat in de Pijp and you’ll come across The Butcher. In case you’re in any doubt of whether you’ve found the right place, there’s a life-sized cow helpfully hanging upside down in the window. On its surface, The Butcher is a perfectly good, casual burger joint. However the restaurant also conceals an unusual secret, only for those in the know. You’ll need a password to unlock The Butcher’s secrets – seek and ye will find. The Butcher, Amsterdam Zuid 

The Butcher Amsterdam  

Canal dinner cruises

Quintessentially Amsterdam

For a dining experience not available anywhere else in the world, try a culinary canal cruise on Amsterdam’s famous UNESCO protected canal belt. What could be more Amsterdam-ey than wining and dining while weaving between historic canal houses and drifting under fairy-lit bridges? See a selection of dinner boat tours in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam canal by night

Restaurant C

Degrees of deliciousness

Turning dining into a sensory experience, Restaurant C has divided the menu into temperature zones, showcasing an impressive artillery of cooking techniques. With dishes such as 0-20°C gazpacho, 40-80°C slow-cooked pork, 100°C steamed lobster, 200°C tempura and -20°C granita, the contrasting temperatures are said to add an extra level of flavour. In any case, they taste sensational. Restaurant C, Amsterdam Oost. 

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