Amsterdam tram routes and tickets

One of the most popular parts of Amsterdam's public transport network is the city's reliable and frequent tram service. Many of the city's trams terminate at Amsterdam Central Station. There are two tram 'stations' outside the front of Central Station – one on the east side, one on the west side. They are just a short walk apart and from both areas, trams go towards the city centre before radiating outwards to different neighbourhoods and districts. Visitors to the city may enjoy this handy guide to some of the main tram stops in the city centre and their nearby attractions.

When travelling by tram in Amsterdam, most locals make use of the public transport chip card (OV-Chipkaart), checking in and out at the start and end of their journeys (and whenever they change trams). However, it is possible to purchase a one-hour ticket aboard the majority of Amsterdam trams – a ticket attendant sits in a booth towards the rear of most trams; otherwise the driver at the front can assist you. You can also purchase 24- and 48-hour tickets aboard the tram (valid only for GVB services, including buses and metro). Other types of tickets can be purchased at GVB Tickets & Info offices or GVB ticket vending machines.

Save on public transport

The I amsterdam City Card gives you unlimited access to public transport in the city (including bus services operated by GVB) combined with free entry to many attractions. A great way to explore nearby cities like Haarlem, historic fishing villages or the flower growing region, is to purchase the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (also valid on regional services provided by EBS and Connexxion).

Plan your journey

Plan your journey with GVB's full, interactive map of Amsterdam's tram network. For detailed travel advice for all tram networks in the city (including estimated fares), download the public transport app 9292 (Android, OSX, Blackberry and web version).  

Accessible public transport in Amsterdam

Public transport operator GVB can provide specific information about accessibility on Amsterdam trams, buses and metro trains. For example, route folders and timetables indicate which transport stops are not wheelchair accessible, or which trams and bus services are not equipped with an accessibility ramp. Read more about the GVB's accessible public transport policy.