Images and filming

amsterdam&partners offers images of the Amsterdam Area for editorial use. On this page you can also find out more about filming in the city and region.

Filming in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Area is an ideal location for both local and international film productions. Anyone looking for professional information and guidance on shooting a film, commercial, documentary or photographs can contact the Amsterdam Film Commission. The Commission provides an extensive, quick service that is tailored to facilitate film productions in the city.

In principle, shooting a film in Amsterdam does not require a permit. However, you should always notify the appropriate city district before making any recordings. This allows the City of Amsterdam to ensure that multiple events or activities at your chosen location are not taking place simultaneously. Also, for some activities, such as the closure of public roads or the placement of objects or props in public areas, permits, waivers or additional consent may be required.

This form will help to quickly and clearly establish whether registration is sufficient, or if further permits are required.

Images of Amsterdam

amsterdam&partners offer a wide variety of images. Browse our collections below. Images are for editorial use only. Commercial use is not permitted. Please credit the photographer, whose name is listed under each image. If you are a journalist looking for a specific image, send your request to Mediabank mentioning a clear description and purpose of the image you need.