Household maintenance

Once you've found accommodation in the Amsterdam Area, you'll need to set up things like internet and TV, and sort out a provider for your water, gas and electricity. Here you can find out more about the options available to you, and how to find the best deals for your new home. 

Setting up your utilities

After finding accommodation in the Amsterdam Area, television, internet, telephone connections and utilities are often among the first things that need to be arranged. There’s an array of options and different deals available for television, internet and telephone connections, with many providers offering bundles of all three services. Gas and electricity are both supplied by the same provider, of which there are many. Water in Amsterdam and the region, however, is provided by Waternet. 

Utilities and maintenance

Telephone, internet and TV

Amsterdam train tracks and cables CC BY-SA 2.0 Giovanni via Flickr
After finding accommodation in Amsterdam, television, internet and telephone are often among the first things to be arranged. Find out how here.

Waste and recycling

Amsterdam recycling bins CC BY 2.0 Les Haines via Flickr
Find out where to deposit household waste in your Amsterdam neighbourhood.

Water, gas and electricity

Amsterdam canal aerial view in summer
Learn more about setting up your utilities in Amsterdam and how you can find the best provider for your home.