Housing allowance

The housing allowance (huurtoeslag) is intended to help residents who rent their home and earn less than a government-determined income threshold. There is also a maximum rent eligible for subsidisation. The rents of social housing normally conform to these maximums, but private rental accommodation is often too high. To be considered for housing allowance you must apply online (in Dutch).

Housing allowance calculator and assistance in English

This online calculation tool estimates the amount that you could receive if you're eligible for housing allowance. Download a step-by-step guide to using the tool in English (pdf).


A number of conditions apply to receiving housing allowance, such as your income and the maximum amount of assets you can have. More information is available on the Toeslagen website (in Dutch). A helpline (belastingtelefoon) also provides information on 0800 0543 (free).

Please note that recipients of housing allowance who turn out to be ineligible for this benefit are required to pay back their contributions.