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Amsterdam is an old European capital city with a modern outlook. As such, it offers plenty of unique employment opportunities across many different sectors. There is a rich vein of both Dutch companies and international businesses, all looking to grow and flourish by hiring top talent from around the world.

Career opportunities by sector

Browse career opportunities across sectors such as horticulture, financial, manufacturing and more.

Employment laws and benefits

Learn all about the high degree of protection for employees offered by the Dutch employment law. 

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Find out more about starting a business in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands.

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Search for job vacancies for English speakers in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and throughout the Netherlands.

Employment in the Amsterdam Area

Study in Amsterdam
Amsterdam offers plenty of unique employment opportunities for internationals looking to develop their career.

30% ruling

Get to know the benefits of the 30% reimbursement ruling for highly skilled migrants and see if the tax advantage applies to you.

Volunteer in the Amsterdam Area

Amsterdam elderly people sunny street Edwin van Eis
Looking for a new challenge or want to develop your skills and learn more about local culture? Consider volunteering in Amsterdam.

Brexit information point

British Passport Amsterdam
Read about residency and work rights and regulations after Brexit.
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