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What short-term residents should bring to Amsterdam

Moving to Amsterdam for a short time? Find out what you need to bring with you for your stay and what can be best left at home.

Moving to Amsterdam for work is an exciting opportunity. As a short-term resident, you’ll have the chance to explore the city both with the curiosity and wonder of a tourist and the confidence of a local. However, because you’re staying for a while, but not forever, it can be difficult to find a suitable place to stay and to know what you need to bring with you.

Corporate Housing Factory can help. They offer business travellers high-quality, well connected and conveniently located serviced apartments for their temporary stay in the Netherlands.

The apartments include a host of resources and amenities. Read on to learn what their experts recommend you bring with you, and equally, what you can better leave at home.

Essential paperwork

As a short-term resident in Amsterdam for business, there are a few important documents you should bring with you. If you’re staying in the Netherlands for less than four months, there’s no requirement to register as an official resident at the local municipality. However, if you’re in town to work or study and want to access services such as healthcare, you must register and secure a BSN (citizen service number). To do this, you’ll need official identification, such as a passport, and a valid residence permit if you’re a non-EU citizen. You may also need to supply an official birth certificate for some procedures.

If you’re bringing your pet to Amsterdam, it’s important that you first check what documents, such as vaccination certificates, are needed. And in the Netherlands, you must always have official identification on your person, so make sure that you always have a passport of driver’s licence to hand.

Getting around

To cycle or not to cycle, that is the question! Simply put, although the public transport infrastructure in Amsterdam is excellent, having a bike is the quickest and most convenient way to get around the city. Plus, it’s great exercise and a completely sustainable way to travel day-to-day.

If you’re already a dedicated cyclist in your home country, you may want to bring your bike with you. Be aware though that transporting a bike can be costly and it may well be cheaper to buy or rent one when you arrive.

If you want to buy a bike, there are cycle shops scattered liberally across the city offering everything from electric bikes to simple city models. You’ll also find plenty of places offering second-hand, reconditioned bikes for reasonable prices. Or you may prefer to rent a bike as and when you need it. There are plenty of bike hire places targeting visitors who want a bike just for a few hours or days, but for longer stays, it may be handier to subscribe to a monthly rental service such as Swapfiets.

And before you get pedalling, familiarise yourself with the city’s regulations about parking your bike.

Business clothing

You may be surprised by the informality of dress codes in many Amsterdam workplaces. The traditional suit and tie for men or smart suit or dress for women is usually only expected at higher management levels or in some government functions. Smart dress is also a good call for managers attending important meetings or special events. Business casual is common in most workspaces, and jeans, trainers and t-shirts are perfectly acceptable in many companies and sectors, so bear this in mind when packing for your stay.

Houseware and furniture

AllCorporate Housing Factory apartments are fully furnished, so there’s no need to bring your own household items. Linens and towels are supplied and laundered regularly, and all kitchens are fully stocked with equipment and utensils. If you’re going to be staying for a while, you might like to personalise your expat rental.

A furnished apartment offers you all the convenience of a hotel but with the privacy and space of your own home. Corporate Housing Factory has apartments in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with something to suit every lifestyle. And if you fall in love with the Dutch way of life and decide to stay on, Corporate Housing Factory can help you find your perfect long-term rental anywhere in the Netherlands.