Private holiday rentals

If you want to let out your home for private holiday rentals, you must always follow the guidelines established by the municipality in which you live. The information on this page refers primarily to the rules in the City of Amsterdam. For other towns and cities in the Amsterdam Area, please check with your local municipality.

Holiday rentals in Amsterdam

You need a permit to rent out your house or houseboat to tourists in Amsterdam, which you can apply and pay for through this link. You must also register with the national tourist rental registration system. You must include this registration number in your listing on rental sites or risk a fine.

Only the principal occupier is permitted to rent out a property and you must be registered at the address. Holiday rental must only happen occasionally – people can’t rent out their home on a permanent, commercial basis. The guidelines are in place to ensure that holiday rentals are conducted safely, honestly and without causing problems for neighbours and other residents. People renting out their home but failing to adhere to the regulations risk being fined, having to pay back outstanding tourist tax or even having to vacate their home.

Read the City of Amsterdam's full regulations for private holiday rentals. A summary is provided below.

Regulations for private holiday lets

  • Only the principal occupier is permitted to rent out the property.
  • Renting out your home a few times a year, for example while you’re on holiday yourself, is generally permitted, if all other guidelines are followed. The maximum of days for which a private holiday let is permitted is 30 nights per calendar year. If you rent out your property for more than 30 days per year, you are regarded as engaging in commercial activity, and commercial rental of your home is not permitted. Renting out part of your home for more than 30 days a year (thus letting it on a commercial basis) is only permitted if you are running a bed & breakfast. Click here for more information about the bed & breakfast industry.
  • You are not permitted to rent out your property to more than four guests at a time.
  • You must let the municipality know each time you rent out your home, before your guests arrive 
  • Like all accommodation providers in Amsterdam, you will be required to pay tourist tax on your income from holiday rental.
  • Permission is required from a landlord or owner-occupiers’ association (VvE).
  • No housing corporation rentals.
  • To ensure the safety of your guests and neighbours, your property must comply with all applicable fire safety regulations. See here for more information by the fire brigade about taking fire safety precautions (information in Dutch).
  • Guests staying in your property must not cause any form of nuisance to others living in the building or area. As principal occupier, to a certain extent you are responsible for the behaviour of your guests. It is important to be selective in choosing who you allow to stay in your home. Setting rules for your guests in advance is advisable. Also inform the neighbours, so that they are fully aware of the situation. Remember to leave a contact telephone number so that you (or someone acting on your behalf) can take action where necessary.

Reporting disturbances

Any disturbances caused by holiday rentals can be reported by calling 14 020, the City of Amsterdam’s central information number. If you suspect that a property is being used illegally as a hotel or guesthouse, you can report it with this form (in Dutch).