Talent and tech in Amsterdam

Amsterdam UMC, merged in 2018 from the VU University Medical Center and AMC, is a leading medical centre that combines complex patient care, scientific research and education. Collaborating with Amsterdam’s wealth of research institutes, doctors at Amsterdam UMC have their sights locked on to cancer as well as to neurological and cardiovascular diseases. We are getting into closer contact with the guys who are treating patients and together, in a multidisciplinary way, we’re defining what the best treatments for individual patients could be, says Professor Otto Hoekstra. And Professor Guus van Dongen adds: There are many knowledge institutes in Amsterdam, and the fact that Schiphol is nearby means that when we collaborate with international companies it is much more attractive for them to come and go within a single day.”

Joining forces

The goal of the merger of the medical centres of the two Amsterdam universities is for Amsterdam UMC to reach an even higher quality of patient care. This will be achieved by clustering specific patient groups in one of the two locations, enabling sustainable access to complex patient care. 

Imaging Center

Part of Amsterdam UMC will be the VU’s state-of-the-art Imaging Center, which brings together the existing infrastructure in one building. Recent developments in imaging technology are changing the way medical practitioners tackle disease, making it easier to find tumours and other diseases and track the high precision treatment of them. With MRI scanners that map the body and PET scanners that trace the effectiveness of drugs and hunt out illness, leading institutions are effectively able to peer inside us.

VUmc has one of the world’s most advanced labs for developing tracers – the contrasting agents that are injected into the body and attach themselves to diseased cells. It also has one of the few MRI PET scanners in the world. The cooperative approach of the Imaging Center includes partnerships with private enterprises.

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