Food industry in Amsterdam

From lab-grown burgers to crop genetics, innovations in food and agritech in Amsterdam present exciting possibilities for international companies looking at the future of food industry.

Why makes Amsterdam a great place for food companies?

Food sustainability and security are fundamental to feeding a growing world without harming the planet – and new food and agritech can provide some of the solutions to meet this global challenge. 

While the Netherlands has long been acknowledged as the second largest agricultural exporter in the world, exporting some €65 billion of agricultural produce each year, the last few years has seen it become a frontrunner in future-proof food, including alternative proteins, precision farming and short chain solutions.

And forward-looking companies are increasingly discovering the Amsterdam Area is the ideal staging ground for such innovations.

There are near to 240 international food companies in the Amsterdam Area benefiting from the region’s expertise and access to a lucrative consumer market readily embracing a plant-based table. Some already yielding results include AI-powered crop data platform 30MHz and dairy farm monitoring app Connecterra. Vertical farming pioneer InFarm is proving its concept for short chain urban farming in the Dutch capital, while plant-based meat producer Meatless Farm is reaching retailers and restaurants across Europe from its production hub in Almere. 

These businesses sit alongside established food giants like Danone, Kraft Heinz, Cargill and Nestle, which can connect R&D, production, marketing and distribution operations thanks to the Amsterdam Area’s rich network of service providers.

Academia meets industry and public-backing at hubs built for experimentation, including the AMS Institute, Amsterdam Green Campus and research departments of the University of Amsterdam. Wageningen University, one of the world’s top food institutions, is one hour away from the Dutch capital. 


  • The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products after the US
  • The country exports €65 billion of agricultural produce annually – that's 10% of the Dutch economy and employment

  • People in the Netherlands are the biggest consumers of meat substitutes in Europe
  • Amsterdam is home to world-class universities and research institutes, such as AMS Institute, Amsterdam Science Park, Amsterdam Green Campus
  • There are 900 food companies in the Amsterdam Area, including 240 international food companies providing 20,000 jobs
  • The region provides easy access to Europe’s consumer markets, covering 170 million consumers within a 500km radius

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