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Terms of service partner community

These Terms are applicable to the use of the Community from a&p. By using the Community you undertake to agree with these Terms.


Accountholder the person, being an employee and/or the owner of the Partner or a journalist on whose name the personal account for the Community is appointed;

a&p the Foundation amsterdam&partners, with its registered office in Amsterdam, Chamber of Commerce number 56685416;

Community the partner portal of a&p, which contains all information about and for Partners or journalists connected to a&p. For Partners this includes, for example, the number and type of partnerships, the media buying and which employees of Partner are included in a&p’s CRM system. For journalists it contains information about press trips, a&p’s services for journalists and information about Amsterdam;

Partner the legal entity that has entered into one or more partnerships with a&p; 

Terms these terms of service. 


1. The Community has to be seen as an additional service provided by a&p for its Partners and affiliated journalists. In the case of a partnership agreement, these Terms have to be understood in addition to this agreement. 

2. The Privacy statement also applies to the use of the Community, in which statement you can read how a&p handles the processing of your personal data. 

The product-specific-, advertising- and/or general terms and conditions of a&p are always applicable to media purchases and purchases of other products of a&p, unless parties explicitly have agreed otherwise. 

3. a&p has the right to change these Terms. Any changes made in these Terms will be announced on the Community platform. 

4. Any nullity or annulment of one or more provisions of these Terms will not affect the validity and application of the other provisions. 


1. To be able to use the Community an account is required. The account is personal and can be created after receiving an invitation hereto from a&p. 

2. It is not permitted to share the personal account or login details with others. 

3. Insofar as the Account holder is an employee of a Partner, this Partner is responsible that when the Account holder resigns, this is reported in writing to a&p so a&p can deactivate the account so it can no longer be used. Therefore a&p can not be held liable for any changes, product requests and/or acceptances of offers made via the account of the Account holder in the event that the termination of employment of the Account holder is not (timely) reported to a&p. 

Use of the Community

1. As an Account Holder while being an employee of Partner, you are deemed to be authorized to act on behalf of Partner and to purchase products from a&p. 

2. A product request via the Community should be seen as an invitation from Partner to submit a tender by a&p. No agreement shall be concluded by submitting a product request. 

3. As an Account holder you can be invited to groups within the Community. Account holder is able to post messages within the group environment. When posting messages in the group environment, you must comply with the applicable laws and regulations and withhold from infringing the rights of third parties (including privacy and intellectual property rights). Hereby a&p is indemnified against all claims from third parties regarding the uploaded data and messages by the Account holder. 

4. Messages in violation of legislation and regulations and/or objectives and policies of a&p and/or those that infringe the rights of third parties can be deleted by a&p. 

5. a&p accepts no liability and/or responsibility for the content, the use of, or the availability of information that is provided by third-parties, or for websites that are referenced on the Community.

Access to the Community

1. a&p makes every effort to make sure the Community is and stays available. Despite constant attention, care and safeguards, a&p cannot guarantee that the Community will function flawlessly and without interruption. Therefore a&p accepts no liability whatsoever regarding the functioning of the Community. 

2. a&p is entitled to (temporarily) limit or disable access to the Community at any time without giving reasons and without prior explanation thereto. 

Restricting the access to the Community has no effect on the partnership between Partner and a&p. 


1. a&p is not liable for any damage or costs incurred by the Account holder, Partner or third parties, for whatever reason, as a result of the use or inability to use the Community, unless the damage in question is caused by intent or gross negligence by a&p. 

2. The Community may contain links to external internet pages. a&p is not liable for the use, content or functioning of these pages and therefore accepts no liability for this. 

Intellectual property rights

1. All (copy)rights to the content of the Community are reserved by a&p or its licensors. Acquisition or disclosure of the content of (parts of) the Community is only permitted when the explicit written permission hereto of a&p has been obtained. 

2. Excluded from these rights is any material posted to the Community by or on behalf of Partner or the journalist. 

Applicable law

1. These Terms are governed by Dutch Law. All disputes arising from or in connection with the Terms will exclusively be submitted to the court that has jurisdiction in the district of Amsterdam.