More than just an airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a more than just one of Europe’s biggest airports, serving upwards of 51 million passengers per year. It’s actually a continuously evolving business centre, with the airport area home to more than 500 companies and providing some 64,000 jobs. It’s presently the third biggest cargo airport in Europe and seeing usage increase annually. Logistics is a 24-hour business and those working in the airport area have exceptional train and bus connections at their disposal, designed to serve the thousands of employees as well as air passengers.

Amsterdam’s port region

The Port of Amsterdam is the fourth largest seaport in Europe and is an international leader in cocoa and fuel imports and exports. Likewise, the volume of transhipments is increasing annually – in 2012 there was an increase of 1.6%, amounting to some 95 million tons. Its success has attracted many major multinationals to the region, dealing in everything from raw materials, biomass and foodstuffs through to steel exports by Tata Steel. As well as its North Sea connections, the Port of Amsterdam makes use of the River IJ for inland water transports, connecting all the way through to central Europe.

The importance of digital

Logistics in the Amsterdam Area isn’t simply about shifting products but also transferring data. The region is exceptionally well connected, in great part due to the presence of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and a host of cutting-edge data centres and digital providers. Fibre optic-transported data is distributed in real time to an ever-increasing number of large and small networks, search engines, portals, webfarms and other internet-related organisations. Employees working with these areas find themselves at the forefront of global digital communications advancement.

Environmental innovation

An increasingly attractive aspect of the Amsterdam Area’s logistics success are the ongoing sustainability efforts. Schiphol is working towards environmental solutions from electric transport and renewable energies through to major developments in biofuels. The Port of Amsterdam is also acclaimed for its sustainability initiatives and was awarded the Silver Port Environment Award in 2013. As well as leading the way in biomass transhipment facilities, the Port of Amsterdam helps to finance new studies and projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the area. Both the employers and employees choosing Amsterdam are attracted by these ongoing efforts to work towards a better, healthier world.

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