Life sciences institutes in Amsterdam

Both of the city’s two major universities (University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam) have a strong biomedical focus and have two affiliated medical centres (AMC and VUmc). Other major institutes include the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation and ACTA (one of the top dental education and research facilities in the world). These big names are joined by the Amsterdam BioMed Cluster, an independent network actively working to stimulate collaboration, innovation and bio-business.

Top facilities

Whether you specialise in academic research or corporate development, one of the major strengths of the life sciences sector in Amsterdam is the physical integration of companies and university-run research labs, allowing communities of experts to grow side-by-side. Two perfect examples are Amsterdam Science Park and the Medical Business Park, providing cutting-edge workspaces and having like-minded partners next door. Another fantastic bonus of having dedicated ‘parks’ like these is the accessibility to green space around the edge of the city, mixing business with leisure. And both are beside major transportation links.

Starting a business in life sciences

Employees in the Amsterdam Area don’t just rely on the aforementioned organisations. Many brilliant minds have chosen the region to launch their own companies or branch off from existing employers. As well as the fantastic facilities available, there are numerous fiscal benefits, too. For example, many highly skilled migrants can qualify for the 30% ruling tax advantage, and there are dedicated fiscal incentives to promote innovation and R&D. Factors such as these ensure that the Netherlands continues to perform strongly in the annual Innovation Union Scoreboard.

More than just a single sector

The life sciences sector cooperates succinctly with neighbouring industries, such as IT and logistics. Biomedical companies work closely with software developers, IT firms and data storage solutions. While the region’s exceptionally strong logistics performance is closely tied to providing carefully engineered solutions for pharma.

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