Employment law & benefits

Dutch employment law offers a high degree of protection for employees. In addition, if you find yourself out of a job but still living in the Netherlands, you may be entitled to unemployment benefit – expats and locals alike can receive benefits while searching for a new job.

Protect yourself from exploitation

If you’re new to the Amsterdam Area, you may not be aware of the laws that are designed to protect you against workplace exploitation in the Netherlands. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by reading up on your rights and obligations in this brochure issued by the Dutch government (available in several different languages). You can report an incident of discrimination in the labour market by contacting Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam, or by contacting Stichting FairWork which supports victims of labour exploitation. Alternatively, make a complaint to the Inspectorate SZW (Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment). Find out about learning Dutch and the courses offered by the City of Amsterdam as another means of safeguarding yourself. Of course, IN Amsterdam is also available to assist with any questions about living or working in the Netherlands.

Basics of employment law for expats

Get to grips with the basics of Dutch employment law, which offers a high degree of protection for employees.

Advanced employment law

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Delve deeper into Dutch employment law with this information from our experts at Pallas Attorneys-at-Law.

Employment law for spouses and expats

If you’re thinking about taking up paid work in the Netherlands, here are some aspects of Dutch employment law to consider.

Severance pay

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Find out about the conditions that require an employer to give a severance payment to an employee.

Unemployment benefits in the Netherlands

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Get a comprehensive overview of the unemployment benefits in the Netherlands and the application procedure.