From the very beginning, from 1984 to the present, the Patronaat has only grown on all fronts. At the time, the South Kennemerland Pop Music Foundation moved into the gymnasium of the old Catholic boys' school at Zijlsingel 2. It turned out to be ideally suited to serve as a concert hall. In the first year, around 60 concerts were organized, attracting around 10,000 visitors in total.

Professional pop venue

The organization started with about 20 volunteers, but the workforce has now grown to almost 200 people, 90 of whom are voluntary employees and 110 professionals. Het Patronaat has thus grown from a small volunteer organization into a professional pop venue.


With strong programming and its own character, the Patronaat has been one of the core stages in the Netherlands for years. The opening of the new building in September 2005 only strengthened that position. There has been even more broadening in the range of programs and as a result more broadening in the target groups.

Music Talent

The new building of the Patronaat consists of a large hall with a capacity of 1000, a small hall with a capacity of 300 and an atmospheric café with two floors and a small stage for small-scale concerts and DJ performances that are always free of charge. The café has a clear breeding ground function for the local Haarlem music talent.