Douwe Eisenga

Pianist and composer Douwe Eisenga writes sparkling music for sparkling minds, a hypnotic mix of irresistible rhythms, warm and veiled melodies and compelling lyricism. With his piece For Mattia, he was the biggest climber this year (to position 99) in the Classical Top 400 of Radio 4. And he was an extensive guest at Matthijsgaat Door. Douwe Eisenga makes honest, down-to-earth music. Often subdued and sober with great, quiet power: the melodies under the skin carve themselves into the soul of the listener. During Piano Nights he plays pieces from his last two CDs, including For Mattia of course.

Hannes Lover

Hannes Minnaar plays Bach 's Goldberg Variations . He lets them 'roll, trip and shine,' wrote de Volkskrant . And all that 'with the nonchalance of a jazz man'. In Preludium, Minnaar said that he also finds the humour in the Goldberg variations very important. The biggest challenge? 'That you have to play it very quickly, but in the meantime, the listener has to be able to experience all the twists and turns, otherwise there is nothing to it.'