Party cafe

We have a party 7 days a week !!! In the nicest party café of the Leidseplein you can sit at the bar or go all out on the dance floor. Our DJs play everything from Top 40 to disco and from Dutch sing-alongs to the best house bangers!

Friendly bartenders

A year ago, two befriended bartenders had the idea to open a party cafe in the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat. The idea was good, the location alone, the men had no money.

Fortunately, they had their good friend Joop who trusted them and was willing to borrow some money. No sooner said than done and they were opened a few months later. As a thank you, they named their party cafe 'Het Feest Van Joop'. Recently there is also an image of him in the middle of the case so that he is still a little bit there.