Go back in time in Volendam

One of the best-known villages in the Netherlands, Volendam now features an attraction that relives the glory of the past and caters to all ages. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of virtual reality, visitors can travel a hundred years back in time to experience Volendam when it was still just a small fishing village.

First, guests will learn how people truly lived in the year 1916, with stories told from a charming guide dressed in traditional Volendam costume. The guide describes the old Volendam: the houses, the boats and even the outfits the villagers wore. On the ground floor of the Experience Volendam attraction, guests walk a 100-year-old street and take a peek around an authentic Volendam home.

Guests then step onto boat, don a pair of Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, and look around Volendam as it appeared 100 years ago, all while taking part in an action-packed adventure that tells the story of love, life and Volendam.