Dunes and Beach Tour

The dunes and beach region is one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. During this tour, you’ll drive through the free nature, the sand dunes and along picturesque beach villages in the South-Holland region. The tour is appropriate for early birds, as well as for them who are more active during the afternoon or evening. Book your trip now and experience real freedom! This tour is available from May until the end of October.

Countryside and Windmill tour

When you think of the Netherlands, you can’t help but picture windmills, water and polders. ‘Het Groene Hart’ which translates to the Green Heart, is an eminent destination to enjoy the typical Dutch scenery. And above that, surprisingly photogenic!!! Our 2-hour lasting Countryside and Windmill tour is available from mid-May until the end of October. Book your tour now to explore and discover these hidden gems for yourself.

History and Castles Tour

South Holland knows a rich history, which has resulted in various beautiful castles and luxurious country seats. Usually, they are somewhat hidden and hard to find, but with this 3-hour lasting tour you’re guaranteed to discover the impressive castles of this striking area. Book this lovely tour from May until October and dive into the antiquity of its intriguing past.

Dahlia and Flower Fields Tour

This amazing drive it yourself trip of 3 hours in the cool and open Twizy, takes you through the famous Bulb Region with stops at one of the biggest Dahlia flower fields of Europe, an authentic Dahlia flower nursery and the Dahlia show garden of Castle Keukenhof. The GPS navigation with a fixed route ensures you won't miss out on any hotspots! Book this tour from the beginning of August until mid-October to admire these charming summer flower fields up close.

Tulip and Flower Fields Tour

Cruise along the tulip fields off the beaten track and far from the tour bus routes in an open and cool electric Twizy. This unique and unforgettable tour of 2 hours takes you along the colourful tulip and flower fields, the Keukenhof forest and an authentic flower nursery. The audio tour provides you with all the ins and outs about the surroundings, as well as great fun facts. The Tulip Fields Tour, including GPS navigation and audio guide is available from the end of March until mid-May, as this is their blooming season.