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Image from Facebook Gebroeders Niemeijer

Best croissants in Amsterdam

What better way to start the day than with a croissant? We’ve made a selection of the best Amsterdam croissants for your convenience. Bring a piece of France into your home or on the road with these best croissants in Amsterdam. Bon appétit!

Le Fournil

This bakery is a household name when it comes to delicious croissants. The French owner Sébastien and his Dutch wife Susan make everything from scratch without ready-made shortcuts/additions. You’re at the correct address if you’re searching for the ultimate French experience: Le Fournil was the first French-owned bakery to appear in The Netherlands and maintains an artisan approach mixed with traditional baking methods.

Le Fournil | Olympiaplein 19


Image from Instagram Dolzon

This cute little bakery in Noord has amazing bread, both fresh and ready to be baked to perfection at home. When it comes to French delicacies, Dolzon has created the perfect croissant. Buttery, flaky and light: it’s the complete package. The croissants sell out quick and taste the best once they cool off. The croissants aren’t made there, but the owner Döll tells us that a French baker somewhere in Amsterdam is working up a sweat to keep us fed.

Dolzon | Van der Pekplein 15HS


Image from Instagram Bakhuys

Besides their delicious bread, Bakhuys offers a broad assortment of traditional French pastries, including croissants straight from the wooden oven. Since its opening in 1926, this family business has been tended by five generations dedicated to outstanding quality. Get a coffee with your pastry and grab a seat at their cafe to start your morning right.

Bakhuys | Sarphatistraat 61

De Bakkerszonen

Image from Facebook Bakkerszonen

De Bakkerszonen was started by the sons of the Hartog and Meijer baker families, known for baking bread since the turn of the 20th century. You can buy all sorts of deliciousness in their Noord and Oost shops, from pastries and bread to oliebollen all year round. If you fancy something sweet with a bit of a crunch, go for their croissants.

De Bakkerszonen | Beukenplein 8, Mosveld 113, Roetersstraat 21

Noé Boulangerie

Image from Facebook Noe boulangerie

Noé Boulangerie prides itself on baking 100% organic croissants, all handmade and straight out the oven. Choose between a classic cheese croissant with Emmentaler or filled with homemade almond creme, or ditch the choice and just get both! Bon appétit.

Noé Boulangerie | Vijzelgracht 20, Gustav Malherlaan 399, Bloemgracht 2

Gebroeders Niemeijer

Image from Facebook Gebroeders Niemeijer

Gebroeders Niemeijer bakes authentic croissants according to a classic French recipe: French flour, a long rising time and no extra additives. They use regular butter that doesn’t melt into the dough. Because of that, the croissants are a little different every day but divinely delicious all the same.

Gebroeders Niemeijer | Nieuwendijk 35

Bakkerswinkel Neeltje

A veritable feast awaits on the KNSM island. This shop has tasty bread from Bakkerij Kaandorp and their own patisserie where cakes, cookies, and pastries are baked daily. You won’t find Dutch profiteroles or a tompouce, but plenty of Australian treats. If you still have room after buying all the pastries, grab another croissant for the road, just for fun!

Bakkerswinkel Neeltje | KNSM-laan 2

Craft Coffee & Pastry

Image from Facebook Craft Coffee

You’ll find this 100% gluten-free cafe/patisserie in the middle of the Pijp, on the corner of Albert Cuyp. Grab one of their croissants with your cup of coffee. There are lots to choose from! You might not expect it, but a gluten-free croissant from Craft Coffee & Pastry is just as tasty as a regular one.

Craft Coffee & Pastry | Gerard Doustraat 103A

Bakkerij Mediterrane

With Bakkerij Mediterrane you’re in for an unpretentious but warm welcome, made only better by the delicious coffee and great value for the price. The bakery lives up to its name with a selection of Mediterranean pastries as well. Locals love this place, and it’s no wonder because the croissants’ quality is unparalleled. You’ll definitely be ordering seconds!

Bakkerij Mediaterrane | Haarlemmerdijk 184