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Gouwenaar Stroopwafels Market Waterlooplein
Image from Marie-Charlotte Pezé

Best stroopwafels in Amsterdam

Stroopwafels (thin wafers with syrup in between) are a Dutch biscuit delicacy you must try when visiting Amsterdam. They range in size from the mini ones served alongside your coffee to decadent creations as big as a plate. From the most popular bakeries that became sensational on socials to old-school market vendors frequented by locals, here are our favourite stroopwafel spots to satisfy your sugary needs.

Popular choice:

Van Wonderen

Located on one of Amsterdam's busiest shopping streets, you can spot the Van Wonderen queue from miles away. They serve artfully decorated stroopwafels glazed with chocolate, M&M's, pistachios, or strawberries. 

*Van Wonderen is highly popular, and you may have to queue! If you don’t fancy the wait, check out the equally delicious locations below. 

Alternative local favourites:


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Image from Manon Zondervan

Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels started in Gouda 45 years ago, after which they moved to a permanent spot on the bustling Albert Cuyp Market. Their stroopwafels are baked according to a generations-old recipe, which keeps the ingredients simple but absolutely delicious. You must try them yourself (and stroll along the bustling Albert Cuyp Market while you're at it)!

Nicolaas Waffles

Nicolaas Waffles is a golden oldie on the Flower Market in the city centre, selling authentic stroopwafels. Don't expect them to serve them with any toppings. According to this baker, it only takes away from the rich taste and authenticity of the wafer. Pair your stroopwafel with a coffee alongside this sweet treat, and you're set!


Chocolate covered stroopwafel from Melly's Stroopwafels
Image from Xenia Lapuschina

If we can't steer you away from the stroopwafels with gluttonous toppings, you can find Melly's Stroopwafels in a picturesque shop near Dam Square. Their stroopwafels are homemade, and you can pick from a rich selection of toppings. Go for chocolate and salted caramel, oreo or even pepernoten (another Dutch delicacy primarily available in winter).

Hans Egstorf Bakery

This art nouveau gem on Spuistraat is the oldest bakery in Amsterdam. Hans Ergstorf, has been crafting their delicious sourdough bread, fresh croissants and famous stroopwafels to generations-old recipes since 1898. Feast your eyes on the mesmerising interiors and feel the sense of history as you step inside. You can even watch the bakers rolling the dough balls by hand and baking the waffles in a special iron.

Street markets

People shopping at the Albert Cuyp market
Image from Koen Smilde

Did you know that most Dutchies relate stroopwafels to markets? Almost every market has a stand that sells them, and as a kid, it's always a little too tempting to ask your parents for one of these hot wafers. These babies are ingrained in our childhood memories! For the best, head to Rudi’s and Happy Wafel on the Albert Cuypmarkt in De Pijp.