The only certified expat brokers in the Amsterdam Area

The Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (MVA) represents some 600 certified and experienced estate agents working in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp and other cities and towns in the region. At the request of the City of Amsterdam, MVA started certifying specialised expat brokers a number of years ago. The reason for this was the proliferation of small agencies dealing with housing, who sometimes engaged in dubious practices: rental contracts with legally prohibited provisions, taking out the rent and deposit at an ATM, key money at the start of contracts, contract costs, withholding deposits; all things that don’t fit with the way expats should be introduced to Amsterdam. 

MVA Certified Expat Broker is the only certified party when it comes to housing expats and has a market share of 90% in the Amsterdam Area. They are specialists in providing internationals with the best possible service when looking for a home either to rent or buy in Amsterdam. In doing so, they collaborate with around 80 NVM-registered estate agents specialising in sales and rentals for internationals.