Work without worries

Are you looking to work for a Dutch employer but they can’t help you with applying for your work and residence permit? Holland Employment Experts help expats and knowledge migrants work without worries in the Netherlands.

Holland Employment Experts ensure that employer and employee alike can fully concentrate on their work. They specialise in employment migration, taking care of expats and knowledge migrants, as well as the employers they work for. As a recognised IND sponsor (Immigration & Naturalisation Service), they can assist you with the following:

  • Become the recognised sponsor and legal employer of the highly skilled migrant.
  • Take care of the complete IND application.
  • Apply for and administer the 30% ruling.
  • Take care of the complete application for family members (if required).
  • Consult companies in all aspects of working with expats – for instance, assisting in becoming a recognised sponsor with the IND.

Holland Employment Experts ensure clients and employees can fully concentrate on their work. Administrative and legal matters? No worries. It can all be arranged.

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