Reliable, safe and professional

Once you arrive in a new country you need a general practitioner also known as a GP. A GP is a sort of gatekeeper to other forms of specialised care. They treat medical conditions and provide care for the entire family. Unfortunately, access to a GP can be a challenge for many new expats or international students due to a lack of GP practices as well as language or cultural barriers. HelloDoc offers a telehealth service for when you arrive in a new country like the Netherlands. They also give advice and treatment in case you are not able to register with a GP and require non-urgent medical care.

A multicultural team

HelloDoc consists of a team of doctors from different nationalities, including Russian, Indian, Belgian, Australian, British, Spanish, Peruvian and Cameroonian. Expats are therefore able to speak to a doctor in one of 12 languages, including Hindi and Urdu.