Rules of the road

If you are going to drive around Amsterdam you should really get to know the rules of the road. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment publishes an excellent free guide explaining traffic signs and regulations in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam it's worth noting that trams have the right of way at most intersections. In the Netherlands (and Europe in general), traffic coming from the right at a junction has right of way by default unless otherwise indicated.

Parking in Amsterdam

If driving into Amsterdam, it's a smart idea to leave it at one of the of the excellent Park and Ride facilities located on the outskirts of the city. From these locations you can use public transport to get around. The Park and Ride system is very reasonably priced and can be combined with discounted public transport tickets for up to 5 people (to and from the city centre). Learn more about parking in Amsterdam.

Electric transport

Amsterdam is working hard to lead the way in electric transport. As well as the hundreds of electric charging points already installed throughout the city, there are subsidy schemes for purchasing electric vehicles, and there is even an on-street electric car rental scheme operated by Car2Go. For more information about electric transport in the city, visit the Amsterdam Electric website (in Dutch).

IN Amsterdam Partners

For a list of IN Amsterdam partners, including Transportation providers, please click here.