Family and education

Find information on essential family matters, such as daycare, child allowance and the right school for your child with information on international primary and secondary schools for English-speaking and bilingual students.

Find information on essential family matters, such as daycare, child allowance and the right school for your child, with information on international primary and secondary schools for English-speaking and bilingual students.

Information & resources for families in Amsterdam

Registering birth

Find out the procedure for registering a birth at the municipality.

Parent and Child Teams

Familie op het strand
The city’s Parent and Child Teams are an essential source of advice and guidance for a wide range of issues regarding parenting and growing up.

Child allowance

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Check if you qualify for receiving a Child Benefit for children under the age of 18. 


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Children up to four years old can be looked after in a daycare centre or crèche.


Find out all about the process of adopting a child and foster care in the Netherlands.

Schools and education in the Amsterdam Area

The Netherlands has a strong, well-balanced education system. Day care is available for very young children, typically from zero to four years old. Some may begin preschool from the age of two, although this is optional. Children then attend primary school from the age of four, before transferring to secondary school after eight years. The choice of secondary school and type of education will affect the path children take into further and higher education, for example, to attend a university of applied science or research university.

There are international schools throughout the Netherlands, typically promoting an international curriculum taught completely in English. However, an increasing number of newcomers’ classes and international classes (bridge classes) help international arrivals to learn Dutch and settle into the local education system, while some schools are even moving towards bilingual education.

To learn more, download IN Amsterdam's guide to the Dutch education system, read more about the national education system on Eurodyce, and explore the topics below.

Guide to finding a school

Find the right school

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The School Finder is a website with information about every school in Amsterdam, at preschool, primary and secondary levels.

Newcomers' classes

Discover the Dutch schools that host special classes for international newcomers.

Education in the Amsterdam Area (PDF)

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Download a handy brochure that summarises the education system for international newcomers.

Types of schools


Before going to primary school, children can attend a preschool.

Primary school

Children in the Netherlands generally attend primary school from age four to 12.

Out-of-school Care (BSO)

Primary schools organise out-of-school (BSO) care for pupils outside of school hours if parents ask for it. 

Secondary school

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After group 8, the final year of primary school, pupils leave primary school for secondary education.

International schools

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Discover the international schools in and around Amsterdam, covering a wide spectrum of learning, languages and cultures.