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International native language schools

International mother-tongue language schools provide a supportive learning environment and community for students who aim to enhance their proficiency in languages spoken at home or integral to their cultural heritage.

Mother-tongue education

Mother-tongue language classes, also known as heritage or native language classes, are offered in many languages, including Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Korean. Some institutions prioritise facilitating integration into Dutch society and incorporate Dutch language instruction into their programs. Typically, these classes are organised outside regular school hours, either after school or on weekends throughout the academic year.

Furthermore, these schools may take different organisational forms, such as foundations (Stichting), clubs/associations (Vereniging), or classes led by volunteers. All schools listed below are happy to explain their education options in person, by phone or online – they recommend visiting where possible so that you can get a complete sense of their facilities and offerings. 

Chinese School Fa Yin

Fa Yin is open to anyone who wants to learn Chinese, from children to adults. The school offers both Mandarin and Cantonese lessons. All lessons take place on Saturdays from 11:00 to 15:00.

Address: Hervormd Lyceum West, Hemsterhuisstraat 79, 1065 JX Amsterdam

Kehila Jewish School

Kehila holds a biweekly secular Hebrew Sunday school with a focus on learning Hebrew and learning the culture and Jewish customs and traditions. Children can participate in social activities including gatherings on Jewish holidays, lectures, trips, and other community events.

Korean School Amsterdam

Volunteers from local communities teach the Korean language and culture-related workshops such as Taekwondo and Korean cooking on Saturdays at the Korean School Amsterdam. Lessons are available for adults and children.

Languages: Courses are primarily taught in English, although some teachers also speak Dutch.

Address: Keizer Karel College, Elegast 5, 1185 AA, Amstelveen.

Polish School Lokomotywa

Also known as the Lokomotywa Pools Centrum voor Onderwijs en Cultuur, the center's main goal is to teach children the Polish language, culture, history and geography. Integration into the Netherlands and connection with the country is part of the programme. With six age groups, the classes are kept small up to 18 students. Lessons are intended for children of at least 5 years of age.

Address: Cygnus Gymnasium, Vrolikstraat 8 1091 VG Amsterdam

Russian School Gramotejka

Gramotejka is a Sunday Russian school with locations in Amsterdam and Hilversum with a range of classes from toddler groups and preschoolers to ages 7 and up. The school focuses on the Russian language, literature, history and geography, as well as general culture and develops the children's soft skills through creativity and thinking exercises.

Address: St.-Ignatiusgymnasium, Jan van Eijckstraat 47, 1077 LH, Amsterdam and Irisstraat 2, 1214 ET Hilversum

The Japanese School of Amsterdam

The Japanese school of Amsterdam (ages: 6 to 15) provides a primarily Japanese curriculum. It is an independent day school offering education primarily in Japanese. The school provides a curriculum based on the Japanese education system, and encourages creativity compassion and thoughtfulness in it student body.

Address: Karel Klinkenbergstraat 137, 1061 AL Amsterdam

The Swedish School Association in the Netherlands

Swedish is taught one day a week to children between the ages 6-13. Pre-school groups are available for children between 4 and 6 years old. The school has locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Eindhoven.

Turkish School STOC

Stichting Turks Onderwijs Centrum offers a variety of lessons and activities intended to promote integration into the Dutch society while receiving Turkish cultural education. Turkish language lessons are available on Saturday and special activities such as folk dances, music lessons, and others, complete the curriculum.

Address: J. Huizingalaan 80, 1065 JD, Amsterdam

Ukrainian School “Dzherelo” in Amsterdam

A culture centre and a meeting place, the Ukrainian School in Amsterdam promotes self-expression and Ukrainian culture and builds a like-minded community. There are Ukrainian language, Ukrainian literature and Ukrainian studies classes as well as additional workshops.

International schools 

There are also schools that offer full international curriculum options. Please check the list of international schools in the Amsterdam Area here.