Learn Dutch online

Fit language learning around your busy schedule by taking advantage of an online Dutch course. Your computer or mobile device becomes the classroom, making it possible to practise on the go and achieve fluency faster. Best of all, many of these resources are available for free.

Online Dutch courses

  • The University of Groningen has developed a series of popular online Dutch courses that incorporate listening and speaking exercises with direct contact with a teacher via skype.  The introductory course aimed at prospective students and professionals is free.
  • Oefenen.nl is an organisation that works to improve basic literacy in the Dutch language. The website also delves into wider areas of adult education, with exercises that develop skills relating to finances, numeracy, health and parenting.
  • Learndutch.org offer video lessons complete with vocabulary lists, exercises and tests that allow students to learn at their own pace. Several introductory videos on the website are free and give you a taste of the teaching style.
  • Flowently provides a unique matchmaking service to connect students with tutors of their choice for lessons held in person or online.
  • Inburgering Online – Online learning resources to specifically prepare for the civic integration exams.

Dutch courses you can purchase online

  • Pimsleur is an online programme built on the basis of equipping students with the vocabulary and grammar they’re most likely to use, and therefore remember. This course is a great choice for tourists planning to visit the Netherlands.
  • Michel Thomas helps students to grasp Dutch grammar by breaking it down into bite-sized points. Emphasis is placed on gaining confidence in constructing sentences as you would in conversation.
  • Hugo Dutch in Three Months is a fast-paced course that gives a solid grounding in vocabulary and grammar. The book or ebook contains clear explanations and exercises for practising.

Helpful apps

Apps like Babbel, Duolingo and Memrise have taken off in recent years, as they make language learning enjoyable, accessible and more like a game than a structured language course. These apps also serve as a great supplement to lessons, as they keep your memory sharp and teach you to associate words and phrases with visuals.