The nuns of Vught

The language institute Regina Coeli was founded by the Sisters of the Holy Order of St. Augustine in Vught, who laid the foundation for their certified ‘Regina Coeli Method’ in the 1960s. ‘Going to the nuns of Vught’ has since come to stand for learning Dutch in the Netherlands.

Individual language training

Regina Coeli composes an individual training programme customised to each student's specific needs—starting from the intake appointment where a tailor-made programme is designed together. Students receive lessons from three to four trainers, depending on the student's individual programme. Between the lessons, students work on assignments such as individual multimedia exercises, writing assignments or preparing short presentations.

Language training during the weekend

If you're short on time but still want to work on your language skills, the Language Institute Regina Coeli offers language weekends. The two-day course offers seven private lesson hours, seven independent study hours, three group sessions and two language tables so students can return home on Sunday evening with renewed energy and armed with new insights and knowledge.

Your stay at Regina Coeli

Students will stay in Guestwing Eikenheuvel—the institute's onsite accommodation at Martinilaan 12 in Vught. This provides the opportunity for students to greatly improve the outcome of their training due to better concentration on learning the language and opportunities to practice with fellow course members.

What our students say:

The trainers are excellent. The private lessons, binder full of materials and multimedia exercises complement each other perfectly. They work like a staircase, step-by-step, onwards and upwards. I now have a solid foundation in Dutch and will be able to speak with my new colleagues.

Daniel Koep, head of exhibitions at the Hague Municipal Museum


What I’m learning is really sticking because of the multimedia exercises. I’ve met many lovely people here and I know I’m going to keep enjoying this experience after I’ve finished the course. And the food it’s incredible!

Liz Ansell, HR manager at Oliver Wyman


Because I’ve already followed an intensive individual course at Regina Coeli twice, I’ve come back for a follow-up day. The programme is a blend of private lessons and exercises specially selected for me. The better the trainers get to know me, the more they fine-tune the programme to my needs.

Adina Caldararu, business development manager at Philips

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Helping young people improve their language skills

Young people who want to learn a new language – or perfect their skills in one they already know – can take private lessons from native speakers online or during special weekends in Vught.

Regina Coeli’s unique teaching method makes it possible for everyone to succeed at speaking a foreign language!

Actively learn a language

Studying a new language can be challenging, but taking an active approach, tailoring things to your skill level and focusing on learning in a way that’s meaningful to you makes it easier. 

At Regina Coeli, students benefit from the following: 

A detailed intake interview: Each student speaks with a language trainer before starting. During this discussion, we’ll look at your current and desired language levels along with your interests and the situations in which you’ll use the language. One parent will join this interview.

Individual lessons: During your private lessons, you will focus on your goals, knowledge level and the situations you’ll be in when using the language. Above all, you will speak frequently and be corrected by your trainer. 

Native speakers: At Regina Coeli, you’re always taught by native speakers of the language you’re studying, which also helps you get a better feel for the culture.

Intensity: Learning is easier when you experience a flow that draws you fully into the language, something best achieved by scheduling your lessons close together.

Studying a language while in school

Young people can’t just take a few days off from school and homework, but planning two individual online lessons – in Dutch, English, French, German or Spanish – works well. 

Are you interested in an online training course or a language weekend? For more information, please visit our website, check out this brochure, or contact us on +31 (0) 73 684 87 90.