Flowently live & online language sessions

Flowently offers an enjoyable alternative to traditional language classes. Staffed by native-speaking tutors, we make sure you can speak the language at the level you need. This means we customise every one or two-person session, focus on conversation and interaction skills, and back it all up with grammar theory. Our sessions are available 7 days a week, from 08:00 to 22:00, in 100 cities in the Netherlands. With Flowently you will learn what you want, wherever and whenever.

Courses for companies

Besides our private sessions, we offer Dutch language courses for companies as well, online or at your office. We will help your employees feel at home in their new hometown with a 30-hour package. Learn the basics of Dutch conversation and explore the city with the guidance of a private tutor. Contact us for information.

Flowently Special Offers

Do you want to learn to speak Dutch in 2021? Get started with our 10-hour special discount package. Learn what is useful to you with a private tutor and study at your own pace. With Flowently you can learn practical Dutch, where you want and when you want.

Would you like to try the Flowently method? As an introduction we offer 3 hour-long sessions with a private tutor for the price of 2. Learn practical Dutch, live or online, and start speaking Dutch like a local in real life! Register now on the site and select the 3-hour trial package.