Flowently live language sessions

Flowently offers an enjoyable alternative to traditional language classes. Staffed by native-speaking tutors, we focus on making sure you can speak the language at the level you need. This means we customise every one or two-person session, focus on conversation and interaction skills, and back it all up with grammar theory. Check out our wide range of live sessions – we offer customised flexibility and are available from 8am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday, in 60 cities across the Netherlands.

Flowently Learn Dutch Special Offer

One-hour free trial of a language session with a private tutor! Start speaking Dutch like a local with the Flowently method and improve your social skills while learning so! Available for all language levels, from 8am - 10pm, Monday - Sunday, live or online.

Register on their site as a student and the first 25 applicants will receive a 1-hour session for free. The session will be taking place between 14 September and 14 November. 

So, do not hesitate and apply today. It just takes you 2 steps:

1 - Register now on the site: https://flowently.com/my-account/

2 - and send an email to [email protected]