Learn a language on the go

  • Flowently offers high-quality language sessions.
  • Learn what is useful to you with a private tutor.
  • Blend into local culture while learning in everyday environments.
  • Available in 100 cities, 7 days a week from 8AM to 10PM.
  • Civic integration & NT2 state exams preparation

Design your own learning programme

Together with your tutor you can design your personal learning programme and learn what is useful to you. You can choose any type of live or online session, language or topic from your Flowently credits. Check the website for information about sessions for kids and in-company training. Can we help you find a tutor who matches your criteria? Contact us!

Special New Year discount

Thirty hours of lessons with a private tutor for €1,190 (usually €1,350). Sessions available at every level.

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