Flowently live & online language sessions

Flowently offers an enjoyable alternative to traditional language classes. Meet up with your personal tutor in town and learn Dutch over a cup of coffee in a café (or online in times of COVID-19). Staffed by native-speaking tutors, we make sure you can speak the language at the level you need. This means we customise every session, focus on conversation and interaction skills, and back it all up with the grammar theory you need. We teach from level A0 to C2, including civic integration and state exams. Learn Dutch with a local tutor and have fun. 

3-hour trial offer: Dutch crash course for newcomers

Welcome offer : 3 hours for €90 (including study materials)

Learn the very basics of Dutch and get a taste of local culture. In 2x 1.5-hour sessions, Flowently you will teach you the very basics of Dutch pronunciation and conversation. Learn how to order your drinks in Dutch, engage in useful social chit chat, get around while shopping and find your way in town. 

Wherever and whenever you want
When will the course take place? Anytime you like! The crash course is available at flexible times, 7 days a week from 08:00 until 22:00, in 100 cities in the Netherlands. Regarding COVID-19, the course can take place online or you can meet up with your tutor in town; put on your face mask and respect the regulations. Want to share the fun with a friend or partner? The offer is available for 2 people for only €135. Register now!

Week 1 – Welcome to The Netherlands

Introduce oneself - nice to meet you!
How to learn a new language
Your first Dutch magic phrase
How to get your coffee to go in Dutch
Basics of Dutch pronunciation
Hidden Dutch politeness
Alphabet and numbers
Personal pronouns and some useful verbs

Week 2 - Shopping & snap the city

Best spots in town
Get your groceries in the street market or supermarket
Shops, names of products and ingredients
Bank cards, pinnen, tikkie, order and pay
Bars, restaurants, parks, cinema, art & culture
Where to go on a sunny/rainy day
Shopping vocabulary, useful phrases and practical tips

Flowently Online Group Training for companies

Besides individual training, we offer online group training for companies as well. We teach from level A0 to C2, including civic integration and state exams. Is your team moving towards remote and flexible work? Learn Dutch together, create camaraderie and have fun!

Sessions for kids

Fun lessons in various languages are available for children of all ages. Find out more.

Special offer

Try out a Flowently private tutor with a friendly discount on a trial session – 1 and 1.5 hour options are available. Flowently's unique live language sessions are available again! Blend into local culture while learning Dutch with Flowently. Try a session with a private tutor now!