Learning Dutch in Amsterdam

Learn to speak the local language with our guide to Dutch language courses in Amsterdam, finding a private tutor and official examinations.

Benefits of learning Dutch

The majority of people in Amsterdam do speak English and will likely switch to it once they hear the foreign accent fumbling through the guttural Dutch 'g'. However, though daunting at times, learning the local language helps one gain insight into Dutch culture, customs, structure, current events and history, as well as making it easier to delve into Amsterdam's rich cultural scenedevelop social contacts and assimilate. Acquiring even an elementary level of Dutch will make your life easier and make you feel more at home.

Types of Dutch courses in Amsterdam

There are many different types of language institutions, each offering various courses, with different techniques and at different costs. With such a large selection of Dutch courses on offer in Amsterdam, you will have no trouble finding the course that's right for you. Whether you're looking for an intensive course to pick up the language as quickly as possible, prefer a sociable style that includes interesting lessons on Dutch culture, or one-one-one lessons tailor-made for professionals, the options are endless. Several institutes are also CEDEO certified in regards to customer satisfaction and quality. Explore the variety of Dutch courses in Amsterdam.

The City of Amsterdam also offers many different courses to improve your Dutch and to help you get acquainted with living in Amsterdam. These courses are mostly free of charge, but not everyone is eligible. Find out more about free Dutch classes provided by the City of Amsterdam

Official Dutch examinations

The Dutch government developed an examination system known as the NT2, which will give you an officially recognised diploma and proves that you have a good command of the Dutch language - this course may be required for some immigration procedures (and is sometimes subsidised). If you are following a Civic Integration (inburgeren) programme as part of your immigration criteria, it should be noted that the language level is beneath NT2, focused primarily on the basics of reading, writing and speaking Dutch, as well as aspects of traditional Dutch culture. Learn more about the of Dutch language skills required in the Civic Integration Act.

Get started with learning Dutch

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