International groups & clubs in Amsterdam

Once you have settled in, it is important to begin building social networks. Though it may require getting through obstacles such as shyness, social barriers or a lack of time due to a busy career or family life, it is essential in order to help make your life in Amsterdam a full one. Here are some organisations, networks and communities where you can start.

Expat groups & clubs in Amsterdam

Social groups in Amsterdam

Discover some of the best social groups for internationals living in Amsterdam.

Business groups in Amsterdam

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Discover Amsterdam's internationally oriented groups which focus on business and networking.

Family groups in Amsterdam

Merijn Roubroeks
An overview of clubs which focus on activities for families and children.

Gay & lesbian groups in Amsterdam

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Explore a selection of the best groups for the LGBTQ community in Amsterdam.

Hobbies & activities in Amsterdam

Find classes and clubs that offer lessons and workshops in English.

Amsterdam Culture Club

Join the Amsterdam Culture Club, a social community that introduces internationals to Amsterdam’s vibrant cultural offering.

Sports groups & clubs in Amsterdam

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Find a sports group geared towards expats living in Amsterdam.