Get involved in the local community and make friends in your neighbourhood

These centres help promote the welfare of local residents and increase interaction between the local community – encouraging the exchange of ideas and cohesion between the neighbourhood. Residents can visit their closest buurtkamer on a daily basis – or whenever they like – to read a newspaper, play games, drink coffee, socialise with neighbours or take part in organised activities. Some even host special gatherings around Christmas, New Years and other holidays. Especially useful for those with disabilities, people who live alone or families who are new to the neighbourhood, they are a great place to get involved in the local community or make new friends.

How they are run
The buurtkamer is an independent foundation with a board consisting of around six people but are usually run by volunteers with professional support from the municipality. The volunteers try to fulfil the diverse needs of the local community through practical activities, which are often developed together with the local residents with advice or support from a professional.

Renting your local buurtkamer

Local residents, organisations or entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood can rent their nearest buurtkamer for a small fee for private parties, meetings, workshops, language classes, hobby clubs or other activities. Each centre is usually equipped with convenient facilities such as a kitchen, toilet, meeting area and playground.

Neighbourhood rooms in your area

The first neighbourhood rooms were established in Enschede but are now found throughout larger cities in the Netherlands. If there isn’t one in your area and you would like to open one, please contact your local municipality for more information.

These are some of the buurtkamers in Amsterdam:

Buurtkamer Kadoelen
Neighborhood Room Kadoelen 
1035 SB Amsterdam

Buurtkamer de Bestevâer
Jan Van Galenstraat 107 G 
1056 BK Amsterdam 

Stadionplein 65 
1076CJ Amsterdam 
0207735 857

Buurtkamer De Kleine Wereld
Zilverberg 82
1025 CJ Amsterdam
[email protected]

Buurtkamer Zeeburgereiland
John Blankensteinstraat 1 

Costa & Co. 
Da Costaplein 12
1053ZW Amsterdam 
[email protected] 

Buurtkamer Corantijn 
Corantijnstraat 25
1058 DB Amsterdam 
[email protected] 

Buurtkamer Parlarie 
Barentszstraat 28 
1013 NS Amsterdam 

Haarlem Schalkwijk 
2034 SB Haarlem 
[email protected] 

Haarlem Noord 
Laan van Berlijn 1
2034 SB Haarlem
[email protected]