Thriving business community

US companies are the largest foreign investor in the Netherlands, providing a total direct investment of 442 billion US dollars. Of the more than 3,600 international companies present in the Amsterdam Area, more than 750 are based in the USA. This is almost 30% of all the international companies in the region. American businesses that chose Amsterdam include Netflix, Tesla Motors and Electronic Arts. A number of major Canadian companies have also made the move to Amsterdam, such as international retailer Hudson's Bay.

Many major Dutch companies are active in the US insurance, banking, chemical and oil industries. The Netherlands is also a collaborator with the US on both water and climate adaptation issues. The two countries also work together in the field of economic sustainability, including on green greenhouses, offshore and urban wind energy, green construction and cycling policy.

The Netherlands is actually the second-largest investor in Canada, active in sectors including oil and gas, chemicals, maritime industries, technology and financial services. Canada is the thirteenth-largest investor in the Netherlands.

New American businesses in Amsterdam

In 2015, a record number of 140 new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The majority of the newly arrived companies (47) originate from the United States, among which were Shutterstock and WeWork

Major imports and exports

The main Dutch exports to the US are beverages, office machinery and chemicals. Dutch imports from the US include chemicals, computers, electrical devices and aerospace engineering know-how.


Amsterdam celebrates a number of North American community events, including Independence Day (4 July), Thanksgiving (US and Canada), Canada Day and various events hosted by the Amsterdam American Business Club and the American Women's Club Amsterdam. Also, the Canadian International Club of Amsterdam is a social club that meets twice a month.

IN Amsterdam

IN Amsterdam is a good point of contact for both international newcomers and companies wanting to hire employees from abroad. It provides a one-stop-shop service for international talent: highly skilled migrant employees, scientific researchers, entrepreneurs and international graduates. IN Amsterdam helps with residence and work permits, registration with the municipality, the 30% tax ruling and many other official matters.