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Coding academies and courses

The Amsterdam Area and its global network offer an exciting array of coding academies, schools and courses. For those starting a career in programming or data science can or for IT or tech professionals who want to expand their digital skills and knowledge.

The Amsterdam startup ecosystem also has a rich and varied landscape of small tech companies and scale-ups, all of which need talented workers and partners – meaning tech skills and expertise are always in demand.

There are also programmes that concentrate on increasingly sought-out studies including data science, tech- and startup-themed entrepreneurship, more general IT and growth hacking. Plus, there are more specialised but no less timely fields of focus, including AI, UX design and behavioural psychology, as well as programmes that prioritise access for groups who tend to be underrepresented or marginalised in these industries. Categorised broadly according to educational theme, this overview includes free as well as fee-paying programmes held both in person and online, and in Amsterdam and beyond.

To learn more about the different types of academies, read on.


What good is a command without a common language? Courses that teach computer programming languages and their related web and software development ensure humans and computers can keep communicating.

Amsterdam-based Bit Academy offers students the chance to learn the skills of a full stack web developer or junior data engineer in a 10-week online programme. Taught in Dutch, the courses are for MBO students and require a good command of English too.

Codaisseur is an international academy seeking to bridge the skills gap in the tech industry by making coding accessible to everyone. Its nine-week JavaScript Academy trains participants to become full-stack web developers and guarantees a job within five months of graduation or a waived tuition fee.

Codam offers a fully funded two- to four-year curriculum in software engineering using a peer-to-peer learning system. Its mission is to provide a large and diverse group of people with high-quality scalable education in programming, with no prior degree required.

As the world's first credit-rated coding bootcamp, Code Institute educates career-ready developers through mentor-led online and classroom programmes. Graduates receive a globally recognised diploma in software development.

This innovative seven-month programme offers training to refugees with no coding experience, giving them the opportunity to grow into fully-fledged software engineers. The curriculum is created and taught by a volunteer network of more than 40 professional developers.

A highly acclaimed coding bootcamp according to student reviews on Switchup and Course Report, Le Wagon offers full-time nine-week courses and part-time 24-week courses in data science and web development. The web development programme teaches all skills needed by a software developer, including how to code web applications from scratch.

Aspiring developers can apply to enrol in a competitive three-month intensive training at </salt>. Accepted students who then pass the career programme – over 500 development hours later – can join a team and begin working as a developer with the company’s clients.

Three times a year, TechLabs provides a two-month #codeathome remote bootcamp for free. Tracks include data science, web development, AI and UX design. Similar cost-free content is also offered through this non-profit’s Local Digital Shaper Program, which combines online learning and project work with community events at one of TechLabs’ several locations in Europe.

The Code to Change seeks to reduce the skills gap by teaching women and other underrepresented groups in technology. The Code to Change Academy offers courses in AI and machine learning using Python, virtual assistant training and digital skills.

Ubiqum Code Academy offers coding bootcamps in web development with Java and web development with JavaScript as well as data analytics and machine learning. Participants can follow courses full-time or part-time online or on campus in Barcelona.

With two dozen campuses across Europe and still growing, the Wild Code School forms a broad network educating students in web development, data analytics and project management. The web development course teaches coding with Java or PhP and the front-end development course teaches coding with JavaScript/React.

Winc Academy believes everyone can learn to code and offers remote programmes in front-end, back-end and full-stack development. The school also teaches data analytics with Python, career branding and the fundamentals of HTML & CSS, JavaScript and data analytics.

Techmongers combine a passion for humans and technology to address labor market challenges. Their code academy has successfully launched over 1,000 people into tech careers, expanding beyond developers to cybersecurity, cloud engineering, data science, and more. They offer customized curriculums, experienced teachers, and continuously improved courses (re- and up-skilling) for a sustainable workforce.

Data science

Data is nothing new, but the ability to collect, analyse and apply this information in life-saving, business-bettering ways is revolutionary. Data science and analytics courses teach how to do this.

A cooperation between the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Amsterdam Business School, Amsterdam Data Science and software and analytics company ORTEC, the Analytics Academy offers end-to-end education in data science and business analytics aimed at both commercial and non-profit organisations.

Decoded enables digital transformation for businesses via two tracks. The Data Academy helps any professional master cutting-edge data tools and techniques and gain accredited qualifications. The Digital Leadership programme prepares participants to teach digital literacy and implement a digital-driven mindset within their organisation.

The European Leadership University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in data science as well as Bachelor’s degrees in software engineering, AI & machine learning, DevOps & cloud engineering. All programmes are online and part-time. The Master’s in data science involves an invitation to visit Amsterdam, which serves as the institute’s employability hub.

Run by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Make IT Work is an 11-month programme that retrains people with an already high level of education for careers in the IT sector. Its programmes include business & data analytics, SAP business & data analytics, software engineering, low-code software engineering and security.

Aurai’s 14-month advanced data (engineer, science, or cloud engineering) traineeships builds a strong technical foundation for trainees, and in-house-developed training programs are updated and designed to incorporate the industry’s most recent technological developments. 

Fenyx IT Academy is a non-profit foundation (stichting) on a mission to empower individuals from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds to succeed in the tech sector by providing them with a comprehensive training program that emphasizes technical and soft skills development. The academy offers trainings in Data Science with Python and Network Administration.


Entrepreneurs seek – and find – a wealth of startup support resources in the Amsterdam Area and its global network. Courses, mentorships and job recruiters forge these links.

DELITELABS is a startup school that provides experiential learning and networking opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs, including newcomers to the Netherlands. Coordinated from London and executed across Paris, Hamburg and Rotterdam, the school’s ICE Academy is a four-month programme that includes a part-time paid job and workshops with a business mentor.

A learning community for tech talent, Hello Mentor links tech students and recent graduates with industry professionals. The four-month mentorship programme includes at least six meetings with a mentor and meet-up and community events.

What began as Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam in 2010 has evolved to become an international network of in-person and online seasonal programmes. Its holistic alternative programmes, some of which are cost-free, strive to empower participants to become change-makers.

Affiliated with the Amsterdam streetwear brand Patta, the Patta Academy aims to equip young people with the skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs. Besides its annual programme, the academy hosts workshops on marketing, finance and presentation techniques.

An inspirational community for ambitious professionals looking for new knowledge, connections, and insights. Membership grants you access to inspiring content and unique events in the iconic A'DAM Tower.  Discover new topics, improve your skills, and get tips and tricks from founder Ron Simpson or another well-known expert.

Team Academy is a four-year programme that leads to an accredited Bachelor of Business Administration in entrepreneurship. To apply everything they learn right away, participants establish their own business or intrapreneurial project, while working with actual clients and earning actual profits.

Recruitment agency YoungCapital Next helps young people get skills, knowledge, on-the-job training and actual work in the IT, finance or technology sectors. Both education and employment opportunities are in the Netherlands, and Dutch is the working language.

General IT

Are organisations becoming more tech-driven or is technology driving all that organisations are capable of? Either way, the demand for professionals with a solid foundation of general IT keeps growing.

Blue Road Academy, formerly RefugeeForce, is on a mission to create a global movement helping refugees launch their careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their classroom-based, personalised programmes teach refugees the technical skills they need to start their Salesforce careers, pair them with one-on-one mentorship and job coaching, and build a network of like-minded professionals to find opportunities in the job market.

For over 40 years, Computrain has been equipping workers in the Netherlands with IT knowledge, skills, courses and certification programmes. This large company offers various courses and certifications in English too.

The Amsterdam-based Digital Society School offers courses as well as a 20-week fully funded traineeship for people who want careers in digital transformation and social change. Taught in English, the programme is open to students and professionals, and comes with a monthly stipend.

Zwarte vrouwen voor Technologie (ZVVT), or Black women for Technology, encourages, connects and supports Black women, especially in the Amsterdam Zuidoost district, to choose a career in IT. Their IT Career Program offers Orientation in IT and Retraining routes, coaching, mentoring, and aftercare personal development. The foundation primarily focuses on Dutch-speaking Black women aged 18-60 from different backgrounds who live in the Netherlands, however the program is open to everyone.

TekkieWorden guides students, young workers and those who support them through the world of technology education and employment across the Netherlands. This non-profit is an initiative of TechConnect and the Amsterdam Economic Board.

TechGrounds trains future IT professionals with a focus on women and people with a diverse background, helping them develop the skills needed to succeed.

A three-month full-time data science academy, Techionista Academy empowers women in technology. It teaches students how to analyse and visualise data with PowerBI and work with Python and T-SQL. Upon passing the final exam, students receive the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science Certificate.

AI, UX design and behavioural psychology

The theories and toolkits used in specialised fields within tech such as AI, UX design and behavioural psychology, can be widely applied across sectors, industries and business models.

AI Cafe organises masterclasses on AI and big data that target project managers, product owners, business developers, IT architects, entrepreneurs and tech investors. It also strives to provide an overview of the newest developments within AI as well as insight about the opportunities it presents.

Always Be Learning helps companies get a better understanding of their customers. Join their training sessions and learn how to gather customer insights with hands-on UX research methods, tools and processes.

Neuromarketing firm Neurofied combines science with art, using insights from neuropsychology, consumer, cognitive and behavioural psychology to help other businesses work more efficiently, and teams work more effectively.

Growth hacking

It’s a digital-era description for marketing, though growth hacking is distinguished by the technology underpinning it. While marketers promote the face of business growth, developers and engineers build its framework.

Europe’s first growth hacking academy, Growth Tribe operates in seven countries. It offers a six-month evening course as well as fully funded 12-month AI and data science traineeships.

Ironhack offers nine- and 24-week web development and UX/UI design bootcamps at nine campuses worldwide. Graduates of the web development programme learn technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, while the UX/UI course covers topics such as design thinking, interaction architecture and design systems, and uses Sketch and InVision.

The Talent Institute offers a fully funded six-month growth hacking traineeship and a two-year digital innovator programme that teach a range of competencies and provide students with skills in design, experimentation and growth.

Learn more about startups, tech companies and opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam Area on the StartupAmsterdam homepage. Be sure to see the articles on tech communities and recruiting tech talent in Amsterdam.