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10 initiatives for women in tech

We all know that the global tech industry is dominated by men. Despite being one of the most progressive countries in the world, the Netherlands – unfortunately – is not an exception. However, there are many local programmes and initiatives around the country that aim to encourage women and girls to consider a career in tech. 

Amsterdam’s tech scene aims for equal opportunities for everyone

In Amsterdam, everyone is encouraged to learn tech skills. Coding is embedded (no pun intended!) into the school curriculum from an early age, thanks to programmes such as Coding for Amsterdam. And there are several initiatives and academies that encourage Amsterdammers and internationals to get to grips with coding: Codaisseur, Le Wagon, Taste of Code – the list goes on.

There has never been a better time for women-focused initiatives and communities. Specifically, initiatives that inspire and encourage women to pursue a career in STEM fields, raise awareness of the gender gap in the tech industry and facilitate educational and networking opportunities for their members.

Here are just a few of these initiatives and communities in the Netherlands.

Girl Code

Established in 2015, Girl Code hosts regular talks and workshops across the Netherlands to inspire women to get into coding and raise awareness of the gender gap in technology. 

Ladies that UX

The global initiative aims to help women meet to talk about all things UX. Ladies that UX holds monthly meetups in Amsterdam with a welcoming and transparent community of women who work in UX and positively promote and teach each other. Of course, budding UXers can join, too. 

The Next Web

This renowned tech festival takes place in the Dutch capital every year, attracting big names in the sector from all over the world. The event is encouraging women in the industry to attend to project their voices and promote equal opportunity within the tech scene. The organisers are offering a special women-in-tech business pass at a discounted rate to encourage women to join. 

PyLadies Amsterdam

With a focus on helping women become active participants and leaders in the world of the Python programming language, PyLadies Amsterdam aims to promote, educate and advance the community through outreach, education, conferences, events and social gatherings. Whether you hack Python projects on the side or work full time on Python development, this group is for all women who love writing Python code.


This community of more than 700 people aims to empower women by bringing diversity to the technology scene. SheSharp hosts monthly events that bridge the gap between STEM and Entrepreneurship.  

Django Girls Amsterdam

Django Girls holds regular one-day workshops for women who are new to programming and want to learn how to build websites. Attendees of the free events create a website using the Django Framework and Python and meet like-minded people in the industry.

European Women in Technology Conference

The annual Women in Technology series enables the sector to connect, learn and act on gender diversity by sharing the experiences of industry leaders and developing women’s skills, both soft and technical. Through inspirational keynote speakers, personal and career development workshops, technical classes and networking opportunities, this two-day event provides women with everything needed to progress and flourish in the tech sector.

Women in Tech

This global non-profit organisation is focused on closing the gender gap in the tech sphere by bolstering women in the industry through advocacy, education, business and social inclusion. With chapters around the world, Women in Tech offers events and initiatives in many locations, including the Netherlands. 


This Dutch organisation aims to increase the number of women working in tech while encouraging more (gender) diversity in the labour market. One of Techionista’s most noteworthy projects is the Techionista Awards – a platform that celebrates exceptional women in tech and produces role models for young girls.

Code to Change

The objective of this initiative is to contribute to the achievement of gender equality and the economic empowerment of women through digital inclusion. Code to Change aims to address the existing skills gap in the ICT sector and the associated digital gender divide and lack of diversity. To achieve this, it has launched a training programme to teach women the skills required to pursue a career in tech. The programme is powered by a vibrant community of female IT professionals and their allies at Amsterdam Women in Technology.