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Venture builders

More hands-on and mentoring than accelerators or incubators, venture builders support budding enterprises and new business ideas. These companies can provide startup resources and capital, and advice on business basics, such as market entry strategy and lean startup practices. These are the top venture builders in the Amsterdam Area.

Disrupt Development

Disrupt Development is the world's first post-growth innovation academy in global development. They collaborate with leaders, organisations, social businesses, corporations, international institutions and governments to help them achieve system transformation and maximise their influence.


Antler is a startup generator and early-stage VC firm that provides funding from day one and connects founders to co-founders. This approach enables ideas to evolve while people get paid to launch an actual company. In addition, Antler provides a resource-rich online platform, mentor coaching and access to its talent network.

NLC: The European Healthtech Venture Builder

According to NLC, roughly 95% of HealthTech inventions never reach the public – no matter how much good they can do. This is due to market fragmentation and various other complexities. NLC aims to address this issue by bringing together the best people, top tech and capital, hoping to create ventures that can truly impact human lives.

Million Monkeys

Million Monkeys launches fast-growing internet companies by bringing together creative ideas, experienced entrepreneurs, technical skills and funding. Some Million Monkeys ventures include ClubCollect, a SaaS company that helps sports associations process their membership fees, and Adgoji, a data-driven ad tech media agency. It has also invested in Rockstart and Ace & Tate.


Peakfijn not only designs and builds complex digital applications, it also trains CTOs and tech teams along with the creators of growing startups, ensuring they have the digital base to succeed. In addition, Peakfijn buys equity in some of the companies it works with, thereby investing in their long-term success.


Aimforthemoon is a startup studio empowering entrepreneurial innovation and purpose-driven businesses. It has worked with a wide range of organisations, from the HEMA Foundation and Miele to pension provider MN and the Netherlands’ Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient co-founds ventures with corporate innovation labs and launches its own startups. A common objective is to create positive-impact solutions by setting ambitious goals, valuing honesty and transparency and working in close-knit teams.

Startup Studio Nescio

Startup Studio Nescio conceptualises and builds digital products and brings them to market. Its portfolio businesses range from early-stage startups to fully developed, successfully running ventures. Its name – the Latin phrase meaning “I don’t know” – is meant to express its eagerness to learn and dive into the unknown.


Based in Amsterdam and Twente, Entweder starts and scales companies that innovate the office.

Slimmer AI

Slimmer AI is an AI venture studio that specifically works with SaaS B2B businesses, offering a vast network of tech entrepreneurs and experts in software and machine learning to help build scalable AI products.


OneUp works with big companies to develop new business models with a focus on impact and sustainability. From digital solutions to concept and execution of new models, they drive innovation in existing business structures and new spinoffs.


Max-G is a collective of entrepreneurial experts on a mission to scale up impact businesses and make the shift toward balanced, better growth. Calling this "co-founder as a service", the team provides all the support and resources needed to scale in a sustainable way, on a personal and business level. From defining your strategy, building your business model and financial model - to guiding you in your investment round.


Lucidminds is the most valuable partner when a data science project needs to tackle social, economical and ecological factors. The team leverages a systems approach to address the interrelated challenges of climate change and social inequalities. Their ventures and solutions are designed to move beyond discourse and take practical action towards building a regenerative future. By challenging the traditional 'carbon tunnel vision" and promoting innovative solutions, Lucidminds pave the way towards a better future for all.


Your 'company as a co-founder', Quatronic is an expert development and consultancy firm that works with non-technical founding teams to bring their digital product ideas and supporting processes to life. After years of working with large clients, their team knows exactly what makes a product thrive. Quatronic provides continuous support and advice even after the launch of the product, making them a long-term partner.