A sense of connectedness, professional advice and colleagues you can turn to are always crucial, but even more so if you have a startup or are an entrepreneur-in-the-making. Fortunately, in Amsterdam and its great worldwide network, startup and tech communities abound. Most are open to everyone and offer tech topic-relevant programmes and support cost-free.

Read on to learn about the top tech communities, online communities for entrepreneurs and related inclusivity-focused communities in Amsterdam and beyond. To jump to a specific section within this guide, click on one of these links.


Top tech communities in Amsterdam and beyond

For every techie, a tribe. For every coder, a crew. These communities and meetup groups cover a wide range of specialisations and skills, including JavaScript to DevOps and from frontend developers to Python.


Around since 2010, this community calls itself ‘the largest and longest-running JavaScript meetup in town’. Covering everything JavaScript-related, AmsterdamJS organises three meetups a year plus a conference.


This English-speaking user group unites PHP developers in and around Amsterdam. AmsterdamPHP’s mission is to grow the local community devoted to this scripting language and share knowledge and resources.


Volunteer-run and not-for-profit, Appsterdam provides infrastructure to support all app makers. Its events attract developers, designers, marketers and other finance-focused professionals across platforms in Amsterdam and beyond.

DevOps Amsterdam

This meetup unites developers and IT operations specialists in a common goal. DevOps Amsterdam aims to destroy silos and obstacles in the way of successfully deploying software and infrastructure.

Frontend Developer Meetup Amsterdam

Inspiring frontend experts share their knowledge and speak about experiences during this active community’s virtual meetups. To be notified of events, subscribe to Frontend Developer Meetup Amsterdam’s YouTube channel.


The technically and the non-technically inclined are equally welcome in this volunteer-based new technology community. SensemakersAMS is dedicated to connecting people and sharing knowledge about AI, IoT and more.

VueJS Meetup Amsterdam

This community calls itself ‘the fastest-growing group of VueJS on the planet’. VueJS Amsterdam already has hundreds of members who are passionate about this JavaScript framework.


Inclusivity-focused tech communities

The tech industry is becoming more diverse, with more organisations accelerating and celebrating that diversity. These communities also make inclusion of marginalised groups their mission.

Ladies that UX Amsterdam

Open to all backgrounds and genders, this community supports women working in user experience and across tech. Ladies that UX Amsterdam hosts speakers and get-togethers in a relaxed setting.

PyLadies Amsterdam

Local chapter PyLadies Amsterdam provides a safe space for people from marginalised genders interested in Python. The community offers events, workshops, talks and mentorship devoted to the coding language.


SheSharp is an Amsterdam-based non-profit foundation that encourages diversity and inclusion in tech and entrepreneurship. The community seeks to help people from underrepresented groups explore their interests and potential.


Online communities for entrepreneurs

New, young or aspiring businesses need not immediately join an incubator or accelerator. These online communities for entrepreneurs can also help hatch and grow ideas.

Expert Pool

This network of specialists in business development helps set up and optimise businesses. Expert Pool addresses brand identity, human resources, content creation, online marketing, legal issues and more.

Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City connects companies, academic and research institutions, governments and people working on metropolitan challenges. The platform is dedicated to creating a liveable urban future through collaboration and innovation.

Dutch Startup Association

The DSA interactive community organises events, debates and webinars on a range of topics, including grant applications, approaching investors and creating pitch decks. Members come from startups across all industries.


DutchTechSF builds community and gives Dutch startups a head start in Silicon Valley.


This Swiss-based digital platform is a curated community of companies, contacts, tools and other resources for entrepreneurs. Entnest is by invitation only, and some features carry a fee.

Growth Hacker Talk

Through its online community, events and mastermind sessions, Growth Hacker Talk invites growth-minded founders and marketers to connect. It is open to all levels of growth hackers.

Hackers & Founders Amsterdam

Hackers & Founders Amsterdam calls itself the ‘biggest community of technology entrepreneurs and developers in the Netherlands’. It hosts monthly meetings and has a co-working space, The Hacker Building.


This Dutch organisation promotes innovation through hands-on learning and brings together a community of professionals to support entrepreneurs. IdeaHackers hosts training sessions for accelerators, governments, start-ups and multinationals.

Startup Grind

The largest independent startup community, Startup Grind connects over 3,000,000 startups and entrepreneurs in over 600 chapters. Since 2016, Amsterdam has had its own chapter, community and monthly events.

Tech Makers

Tech Makers seeks to unite and empower the tech community in Amsterdam and beyond. Its mission is to contribute to developing technology that can meaningfully impact the world.


Entrepreneurial support for special communities

As businesses and business owners become more diverse and dynamic, sources of support do too. These communities embrace special groups and underrepresented segments of society.


Calling itself ‘home of the global bicultural community’, Omek is a platform connecting and advancing African diaspora professionals. The free membership offers access to events, programmes and career opportunities.

Sigma Squared

Sigma Squared unites a global community of over 1,000 entrepreneurs seeking to make a positive impact. The non-profit’s mission is to empower the most exceptional founders under age 26.

Smart Health Amsterdam

The Smart Health Amsterdam platform aims to spur innovation in data and AI for the life sciences and health sector. Its community helps businesses grow, gain exposure and network.

Young Creators

Over 30,000 young startup founders, freelancers and other professionals come together in the Young Creators community. The network connects likeminded peers and shares information about jobs, events and more.

Young Impactmakers

Founded by Impact Hub Amsterdam and Starters4Communities, Young Impactmakers supports social entrepreneurs still in the making. Community members can follow programmes and courses and apply to join the related incubator. 


One of five similar hubs in the Netherlands, Quantum.Amsterdam connects researchers and companies specialising in quantum software, tech and other new applications – with workshops, training and meetups.

Amsterdam Data Science

This network of academic and industrial partners maintains an ecosystem of data science and AI experts, offering many free meetups each year based on a variety of topics.


Find mentors through these communities


FEM-START by equals offers free mentorship, training and networking for women in tech and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on supporting equality in health tech, social tech, edtech and femtech startups.

Startup and Running

This network and platform for startups offers a mentor matching tool, linking entrepreneurs with startup mentors: expert founders and coaches from an extremely wide variety of industries.

Hello Mentor

Still studying or recently graduated (within two years)? Hello Mentor specifically links students and graduates from tech-related fields together with experts in tech, providing four-month-long programmes to help kick-start careers.

The Future Is Queer

A partnership between two Dutch QTBIPOC tech startups (freeQ and iSeekMe), The Future is Queer aims to match mentors with queer tech talent in Amsterdam.

Female Ventures

This not-for-profit provides a variety of programmes, platforms and events for female entrepreneurs, including a safe online community for connecting like-minded women and a six-month-long ‘Career Vitality Mentor Program’.

Learn more about startup and tech communities on the StartupAmsterdam homepage. Check the guides on startup accelerators and incubators and coding academies and courses. And see startup initiatives in the Amsterdam Area and beyond.