Startup Cities Alliance (SCALE) has launched a new ecosystem map that delves into the vast potential of the European startup scene. Powered by, the data gives insights on startups by city with detailed reports, heatmaps, industry trends and stats on a variety of metrics – from the number of unicorns to comparisons between industries. The data from the map aims to further improve Europe’s well-connected startup hubs.

Europe’s most valuable software companies

The data shows Amsterdam leading several categories including the most valuable ecosystem. The Dutch capital also has 31 of the most innovative food startups and Booking, Adyen and highlighted as three of the 10 most valuable software companies in Europe.    

As a SCALE city, Amsterdam has the advantage of sharing learnings and resources with other innovative cities in Europe. The alliance offers independent data that helps startups to accelerate, as well as locate opportunities and funding throughout the European ecosystem.  Kriya Mehta, the International Relations Lead at StartupAmsterdam says the map gives a “real-life depiction of how we as European startup hub can start to derive cross-city conclusions, make industry-specific comparisons and improve the efficiency and availability of data amongst our ecosystems”. Gaining this information on European startups is an important step in promoting collaborative growth.

Navigating COVID-19 together

Despite 2020 being a challenging year for all industries, networks such as SCALE have helped startups to collectively adapt to new circumstances. This is particularly apparent in the tech sector, which increased its collaboration and sought creative solutions in the face of a disruptive year.  “The SCALE cities network has tried to make the best of the COVID-19 pandemic, by using it as a catalyst to strengthen our cooperation and work harder to facilitate opportunities for our startups”, says Mehta. View the SCALE ecosystem map and read the report of its findings.

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